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    2016 Mazda CX5 Fiberglass Subwoofer boxes. with or with out subs. JL Audio 10 w3

    For sale Fiberglass boxes with or without JL Audio subwoofers. 10" Will fit in corner cubby of 2016 CX5. Excellent sounding. I will sell one or both with or with out sub. Fiberglass box alone $100 each plus shipping and pp fees Fiberglass box with Sub $200 Each plus shipping and pp fees I can...
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    Finally made several laser cut speaker adapters

    I was finally able to work on my own car! Laser'd out the front two dash speaker adapters. I have an DSP and will be running active. Tweeters will go into the front dash, 6.5 mid bass in the doors & Coaxes on the rear doors. Let me know what you think of the adapters. Made out of acrylic...
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    2016 CX5 Stereo build

    I saw one person with a 10" sub in the back but I don't think that was in a 2016 CX5? Here is the start of mine. Taped up the back corner ready to lay down some fiberglass tomorrow. If you have a build in yours can you post up a link for me to see? Thanks for looking. I will post up progress...