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    18" OEM 2017 Mazda3 Wheels

    Wheels no longer available.
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    KW v2 Coilovers - No Longer Available

    No trades but send me offers via PM.
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    KW v2 Coilovers - No Longer Available

    KW v2 Coilovers I have a complete set of KW v2 coilovers for sale. Part# KW 15275010, fits first gen MS3. Only used for about 25K miles, in great condition. Comes pre-assembled with top hats to make the install easier since stock strut and springs do not need to be taken apart. Also included...
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    Rota G-Force 18x8.5 +48 Grey - No Longer Available

    Thanks, price includes shipping to Con US.
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    2009 Mazdaspeed 3 GT - SOLD

    Thanks for the comps. The side moldings were removed, forgot about that.
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    Rota G-Force 18x8.5 +48 Grey - No Longer Available

    Rota G-Force 18x8.5 +48 Grey Have a set of Rota G-Force in 18"x8.5", offset is +48, pcd 114.3x5 for sale. Color is steel grey metallic. Included are mazda emblem center caps, OEM mazda TPMS, and hubcentric rings. All you need are tires of your choice. Each wheel weighs 21lbs on my scale. Will...
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    2009 Mazdaspeed 3 GT - SOLD

    2009 Mazdaspeed 3 GT I have a clean, original owner, stock, 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 with 71,800 miles for sale. Well maintained, have complete history. No accidents, runs flawlessly. Exterior and interior is in great condition, only blemishes are 2 small pin dents on roof near driver from flying...
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    Engine monitoring recommendations/opinions

    I have aeroforce mounted in driver's vent. Wanted something that was easy to install and look stock so I can leave it in there and not worry about it.
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    Design's Long Term Ownership/Build Thread

    When you installed the KWs, did you reuse the OEM rear spring upper bushings? Did mine this weekend and left them out simply because I've forgotten about them, only to discover their existance while sifting through OEM springs. Part 28-012A in this diagram: You're right about the ride, high...
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    Design's Long Term Ownership/Build Thread

    Your updates are great, I'm thinking of going with KWs after almost 50K on H&Rs. Sounds like it's a worthwhile upgrade. On the CAI I ended up getting 2nd filter due to long drying times.
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    Now I know what I've been missing...

    Just wanted to update this thread and say even after 3 years of ownership, it's still brings grins to drive it. This is the longest I've owned any car in my life, usually I dump the car after 2 years, so it says a lot about ms3 in general. There is still nothing on the market right now that...
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    Michelin Super Sport vs Dunlop Star Spec

    Here is my review of Michelin Pilot Super Sports vs Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Specs. I had the Dunlops for about 18K miles before replacing them with Michelins, with about 2K on them now. Both were the same price when I was shopping but Michelin had a $70 rebate, so that help me decide. I...
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    My New RX-8's

    This is so true, my wife calls reg 3s 'little brother' now when she spots them. The bronze is a good match for CB btw, looking good.
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    MS3 Owners: Show us your wheels

    Updated pic with painted calipers and 'mazota' rims.
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    245/40 with 18x8 +50: will i rub?

    Depends lot on the tire as some have mentioned. I have 235/40 Star Specs and they're wider and more square than most 245 so even more prone to rubbing.
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    MS3 Owners: Show us your wheels

    Nice rims and stance paradigm, how do you like the super sports? I'm considering them when it comes time to replace my star specs.
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    In the Market for a Mazdaspeed3 - Seeking advice

    Find a local MS3 owner to go with you to check it out, he/she will know what to look for. May have to offer steak meal in return. :D
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    Factory Oil Analysis

    This is my 4th UOA with another 7K mi on PP. Might try Ultra next time. Note the low viscosity.
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    You know you stuff, jnke. Install's a cinch since there's no dash removal, only wiring is to ODB port.
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    You're good man, wifey's E46 325i Saw 16.3 psi in 5th gear during some test runs.