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    KONI FSD Suspension for Mazda5, New in Box

    Asking $600 shipped for these. They are brand new, we have not installed them. We are looking at letting the van go, and wanted to see if anyone was interested.
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    I can't roll down one of my windows...

    So I've searched about and can't find this behavior in other threads or on the web. My 2009 Mazda5 did something odd one time to me shortly after purchase. The passenger window didn't roll down from the driver side controls. I got it to go down with the controls on the door, and then the driver...
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    Illuminated A/C Controls - is this normal?

    I noticed this morning that the fan control knob's AC light comes on if the AC is on, but the knob itself doesn't illuminate ...unlike the temp control knob or the center mode knob: Is this normal? If it's would one go about fixing this? I'd assume that a bulb has burned out...?
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    I'm new here and this is my first Mazda

    It's a short story. The old Volvo was loaded up with stuff for the dump, goodwill, post office and it refused to re-start on me after I moved it out of the driveway and onto the street. Before AAA towed it off to the shop I was looking for a Mazda5. I picked this model exclusively because it...