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  1. crimeariver

    Frameless homelink wiring harness scheme?

    I need to hardwire radar-detector and the plan was to go with InvisiCord and connect to Homelink. There are plenty examples for older models. But the HomeLink power connector is different for the 2019 frameless HomeLink. It sits under the housing: Who can tell where is the 12v switchable pin...
  2. crimeariver

    how to disable MRCC completely?

    I hate adaptive cruise and keep disabling MRCC every time I start the car by holding MODE-on. Is there any way to make it disabled by default? Owners manual doesn't seem to explain this option.
  3. crimeariver

    2019 CX-9 rattle from sunroof area at highway speeds

    Oops, wrong forum, please move to lounge :) My CX-9 is below 2k miles and it had developed a very annoying rattle at 50+mph speeds. It comes from right side of the sunroof, above front passenger and sounds like some bolt is little loose. Manipulations with the sunroof doesn't help, but if I...