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  1. M

    2016.5 Front left suspension metal clank noise

    Hi, I own a 2016.5 CX-5 Touring FWD. Only 28K miles on vehicle. Well maintained. Overall the suspension is working very well. It is the occasional clanking noise that is of concern from the front left. On most road surfaces there is no strange noises and the suspension is working fine. When the...
  2. M

    2017 CX-5 Sport Suspension Noises

    Hi, all. I recently purchased a 2017 CPO CX-5 Sport with 31,000 miles on it, almost 3 weeks ago. I am enjoying the vehicle quite a bit but have two concerns. 5 days into owning the vehicle I noticed a creaking noise coming from the front-end suspension when turning my wheels, such as when going...
  3. yrwei52

    Creaking / groaning from front suspension (video) -- Help me diagnose?

    By applying the silicon lubricant, you only mask the problem temporarily as your suspension is not supposed to have creaking noise. This’s something I’d use only if I’m selling the car which is having suspension noise.
  4. D

    CX5 2016.5 noises from front suspension

    First time posting here so grateful for any insight....there's a single click / tap sound from both the left or front wheels (not at the same time) when they are turned at low speeds - turning in and out of driveways, pulling out of side streets etc. The noises come and go though out the day...
  5. C

    2017 CX-5 Sport Suspension Noises

    exactly why audio example of the noise will be helpful. your clank is another persons clunk. more here:
  6. M

    HELP! Grinding noise from front end 2009 Mazda Demio

    Hi everyone, I have got a god awful grinding noise coming from the front right of the car under acceleration. Only seems to happen when the car is cold, and this is amplified when it is cold out. Sounds like it is coming from the front right suspension area. I have taken the wheel off and...
  7. C

    2017 CX-5 Sport Suspension Noises

    you are gonna want to use that fancy SEARCH option. start here: and go from there.
  8. Y

    2017~2021 Rear end noise I can’t chase down

    Hey there everyone. I bought a 2017 GT about a year ago. Love the car however it seems to have developed a new noise that’s driving me crazy. Two months ago I noticed a popping/ knocking noise coming from the rear passenger side. It wasn’t all the time, but enough to pique my attention. I hear...
  9. M

    2017 CX-5 Sport Suspension Noises

    I'll try and get a noise of the creaking later in the week.
  10. T

    Creaking / groaning from front suspension (video) -- Help me diagnose?

    Yeah, that’s my option if the Mazda techs still can’t figure it out. I’m at the dealer now and we just did a ride so should have good news soon
  11. W

    CX-5 Clattering noise when accelerating

    Thanks for the response! I will take it into the dealer. I am not sure it's the suspension though, that thread indicates that it only happens when going over bumps or corners, while my noise happens primarily when accelerating (not sure that would indicate the suspension).
  12. B

    2016.5 suspension noise, dealer woes

    2016.5 GT / 30k miles front driver side suspension making crunching/knocking sound over any small bump at low speeds, especially while accelerating. Think: any city stop sign, traffic light, freeway entrance, driveway... Took to dealer, couldn't replicate sound. Told them to keep trying. Alas...
  13. M

    2017 CX-5 Sport Suspension Noises

    Lol, thanks. I appreciate that. I swear I searched high and low. These aren't quite the same noises I'm describing from the front end.
  14. A

    2017~2021 2019 CX-5 GT Annoying Noise would hear if you were lightly drumming your fingers on a large coffee can cover when the can is empty. I thought it might be a suspension noise, but I just had a complete inspection done on the front suspension and wheels. I just rotated the tires (Toyo) at 5000 miles and the noise...
  15. T

    Suspension or brake noise from drive to reverse and reverse to drive

    Hi everyone, I have a 2019 mazda cx-9. It's under a year old with 33,000 kms. About 3 months ago, I would hear a loud knock. I only hear the knock when I operate the vehicle as follows. Put car into forward drive, travel a short distance, brake to a stop, put car into reverse, travel a short...
  16. yrwei52

    CX-5 Clattering noise when accelerating

    ...still have new car warranty, you should take your CX-5 to a Mazda dealer checking it out. The noise should be from suspension. There’re multiple issues which may cause front suspension noises on gen-2 CX-5. Check out this thread and the TSB 02-002/18: Click/ Clunk/ Knock sounds 2018 CX 5 AWD
  17. J

    2017 Mazda CX-9 front suspension clunking/knocking noise

    My cx 9 has about only 6000 miles. Pretty much every time when I go over the speed bump, the front driver side suspension will make clunking or knocking noise. First time took it to the dealer, they replaced lower control arm but the noise is still there. The second time they said that it was...
  18. C

    2013~2016 CX-5 Suspension problem

    Not sure what official statement you would be looking for? TSB? Full recall? A generic " thump sound front suspension" or "pop" or "clunk" I think some reading in the previous conversations might lend you to a bit better troubleshooting. Gen1...
  19. ceric

    Anyone with a CX-5 have any significant time in a CX-30 for comparo?

    hal2, A major concern I have is the Torsion beam rear axle on Mazda3 and CX30. Mazda did it to save space and reduce noise from suspension. In fact, new Mazda3 and CX30 did not do well in moose test (look it up on Youtube). The 2nd-gen Prius (my wife got one) had the same suspension shared with...
  20. C

    Creaking noise switching gears

    Yes, our 2018 does the same thing. When going slow (forward or backwards) on and off the brake there is a creaking noise. To me it seems to be coming from the suspension. It is more noticeable now at 16K miles.