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    2018 CX-9 GT - Serious Brake Fade

    So Im just curious if anyone else has experienced serious brake fade in their CX-9? I recently took a trip to Big Bear Lake with the family and on our way down the mountain (in traffic) I noticed the brakes starting to get quite lumpy. Theyve never felt like that before, although Ive felt this...
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    2016 CX-5 Power Loss

    So I did a quick search and haven't come across this particular issue, so I figured I'd ask and see if anyone else has experienced something similar. Vehicle in Question: 2016 Mazda CX-5, AWD, GT+Tech Issue: My wife was driving down the road with our two kids in the back, and a diaper bag on...
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    Shady Dealer Madness

    So I typically don't make these kinds of posts, but what happened today just aggravated me to no end and I'm in a sharing mood. In 2015 my company leased a 2016 CX-5 and as part of the lease, I purchased a service agreement. The terms of the service agreement were that I would pre-pay X-amount...
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    2018 CX-9 Cargo cover - Best Deal

    I recently picked up a CX-9, and it didn't come with a cargo cover. My wife's CX-5 has a nice retractable unit, and I'd like to source something similar for the 9. I've found one but it's pretty pricey. I was wondering if anyone has found something a bit less expensive? Here's what I have so...
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    Paddle Shift Install - 2016 CX-5

    I have a: 2016 Mazda CX-5 –A/T, Grand Touring Model, Tech Package, AWD, Navigation (NO iActivesense) This write-up describes how I installed the JDM Mazda paddle shifters onto this particular USA spec. model. Other models may vary, your experience may vary. This is simply a chronicle of how I...
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    Mazdas...err Toyota's...umm, Scion's Latest Model?

    I was recently reading up on the new Scion iA. It's a decent looking little runabout made by Toyota's "youth" oriented brand. When I saw pictures of the interior I was a bit shocked to see that someone had placed a Mazda on the inside? (hahaspit) Apparently Mazda makes the engine, transmission...