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    Will 2016+ 18" wheels be ok on a 2011 CX-9 in regard to TPMS?

    My mom currently has a 2011 FWD CX-9. She recently moved to an area where it snows and is planning on replacing her 2011 CX-9 with the newest generation next year. I am going to use my yearly bonus check to buy snow tires and wheels for her as it will make her more comfortable driving in the...
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    Energy Suspension Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

    I installed these a couple weeks ago on my wife's '08 Mazda5. The van had 123K on it when I did the work, since then she's driven it about 1500 miles. My goal was to reduce the shaking of the rear seats, reduce cupping of the rear tires, and possibly reduce the camber/toe changes in the rear...
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    Number 3 motor mount broken

    Dealership said number 3 motor mount is broken. I'm assuming they are referring to the passenger side mount as it appears to have leaked out fluid and there is a TSB. Of course I'm out of warranty and they want $132 for the part and $108 to install it. I'm going to do the work myself but does...
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    OMG have you priced the hatch struts on a Mazda5?!

    So the passenger's side hatch strut on my '08 has been making moaning sounds since we bought it. Yesterday it finally blew out with a hiss and is totally dead. Unfortunately it just passed 40K and was at 37K when we bought the van. I stopped by the dealer to check the price and those struts...
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    Purchased our 5 this week, never thought I'd own a van

    My wife loves minivans. I have been a minivan hater for a long time based on experience with Chrysler and Ford products. I just couldn't get over a ginormous vehicle that got the same gas mileage as my Jeep. As a kid our neighbors owned a Mazda dealership and had a 4x4 MPV that I thought was...