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    new 8 speed transmission coming?

    I feel that I am in the minority but super fuel economy has never been that important to me in a 30K+ vehicle. Especially not fond of the auto stop/start gimmick and CD which can make the vehicle less reliable.
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    2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings of CX-5 and a few competitors

    I have a 2017 Colorado and will be selling it to get a GTR. My Chevy has been nothing but problems. Had the catalytic converter replaced, transmission drained 2 times to get rid of gear slippage and worst seats ever. I am thru with trucks after 40 years driving them. If you are dead set on a...
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    2017~2021 Wind noise vibration on new 2019 GT

    My Chevy Colorado truck does the same thing. The air pressure differentiation can be disturbing.
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    2019 CX5 i-Activ AWD improvment for offroad

    The CX-5 and CX-30 are not built with the suspension, frame rigidity or ground clearance to do any serious off-roading. It is great for what it is which is excellent in the snow and on gravel roads. Beyond that you need to be looking at another vehicle.
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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    30K is the price threshold for a lot of folks. That puts them in the GT range.
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    2017~2021 Exploding!

    I agree 100%. I have owned 12 vehicles in 50 years of driving over a million miles. Most were low-tech and not high trim vehicles. Never had a cracked windshield and driven lots of gravel roads. Never had a sunroof and don't want one. I have had several warranty claims but never had to...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    You did well.
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    Lighting in rain at night not good

    I will respectfully just throw out there if it is not the vehicle lights then you might want to have your eyes checked. Night vision problems are really common...
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    Anybody else having problems with this site?

    Same here. New member so it is very frustrating.