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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    Looked at the Sig and GT-R. My salesperson told me that there was not a lot of interest in either of them when compared to the lower trim models. I think that's due mostly to price considerations. In the end, I bought the stock GT since a turbo was not meaningful to me and folding mirrors...
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    Instrument panel reflection on windshield

    I, too, notice it only with the infotainment screen at night.
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    engine coolant antifreeze level should be at...

    Actually, when the engine is cold, the coolant level should be at or just above "L." Remember, the coolant level rises as the engine warms up. When the engine is warm, the level should be at or just below "F."
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    2020 due?

    I think for 2020, you lose the native navigation in all but the Signature model. Otherwise, the 2020 has a bit more torque and a slightly larger infotainment screen.
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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    One of the problems with cars today is that there's way too much technology and not enough CAR!
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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    If it is a water or moisture issue, then that likely would eliminate motor wear as a cause regardless of whether the mirrors were disabled.
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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    Yes, I have a GT. Don't get me wrong, it's great if someone wants a turbo. For me, it makes little sense in an SUV application. I was just curious as to the reason others want the turbo. Wouldn't a NA V6 be better, assuming Mazda offered one?
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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    Personally, I see no big deal about a 2-3 sec. difference in 0-60 acceleration in an SUV. A sports car yes, but not an SUV.
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    Next Gen CX-5 Design and Content Suggestions

    Also ... #12 - illuminate homelink buttons.
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    Next Gen CX-5 Design and Content Suggestions

    Love the car, but here's my list, in no particular order, after a month of owning a GT ... they may seem minor nitpicks, but they just bug me: 1. Install power off button for the radio/infotainment. Update infotainment software and GUI, particularly so time and compass can be displayed on dark...
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    2019 CX-5 Signature, Seat discomfort?

    Different strokes, I guess. I like the firmness of the seats since it actually HELPS my bad back/sciatica.
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    Could really use some advice about my new CX-5 please

    It's relevant because if he overpaid for the car, then he could return it within the 5 day period and buy a similar car that did not have a replaced transmission. OTOH, if he got a good deal, then he could keep it, provided he confirms that the transmission was replaced properly
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    Could really use some advice about my new CX-5 please

    How much did you pay for it?
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    new owner

    I just bought a CX-5 GT last month in Deep Blue Mica. For me, it had everything I needed. I don't want folding mirrors, ventilated seats, etc. That doesn't mean I would criticize anyone for choosing a higher trim level. To each his own, and I hope everyone enjoys their CX-5s. A great car and a...
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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    All the reviews in the world can't make up for someone's personal experience. The OP didn't dig the CX-5 and chose the RAV4 instead. My experience was the complete opposite of that. So what? As long as he's happy with it, then that's just fine.
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    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    I had the opposite experience to that of the OP. To me, the RAV4 was sluggish and the quality of materials in the interior seemed very, very cheap. As for noise, I found it somewhat noisier than the CR-V it replaced and much noisier than the CX-5. Also, the design of having the passenger seat...
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    Oil Change -- Lesser of Two Evils

    Given that many manufacturers will look for any reason to deny warranty coverage, I typically have all regular maintenance done at the dealer during the warranty period. That way, I have a documented record of work done at an authorized shop using Mazda parts and fluids.
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    2019 GTR First Oil Change Question (metal)

    Spoke to a friend who's a Mazda tech. He said the first oil change should not be done before 7,500 miles. According to him, the initial oil contains a very high concentration of moly, which is good for engine break-in ... and, yes, despite what Mazda says, there is a break-in period beyond...
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    ACC Trick

    Nice point. Thanks for the head's up.