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    ACC Trick

    Read something about this and thought some might be interested. To go from the car in running mode to ACC mode without turning off the motor, put the car in N and push the start button . . . it turns off the motor, but not the ACC ... then, place the shift into P and the ACC mode remains...
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    Is There Any Difference In Plant Quality?

    Is there any difference in quality or rate of defects between Hofu and Hiroshima?
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    2017~2021 Here's My New Ride!

    Picked her up on 10/12/19. CX-5 GT in Deep Crystal Blue. Drove her home from the dealer, and haven't driven her since ... I'm actually reading the manual in order to understand all the new technological features.
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    Wheel Locks - 2019 CX-5

    I just purchased a 2019 CX-5 GT in Deep Crystal Blue. I'm picking it up this coming Saturday. The car comes with wheel locks which I got the dealer to throw-in because I didn't want them in the first place ... they're a real PITA, particularly if the key is misplaced or lost. I actually told the...
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    2019 Touring vs. Touring GT ... Different Engine Performance

    So, I know the Touring and Touring GT have the same engine. However, here's something puzzling. My wife and I test drove both cars (new), each with between 3 and 10 miles on the OD. The Touring engine was rough and loud at cold start up and while driving. The GT purred. Then, we cold started up...