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    Problem with new SD card (maps)

    Bought a SD card off eBay like many ; the person selling has indicated a large number of folks bought from him. After driving approx. 70 odd miles (I think) put it in my PC and booted up the Mazda toolbox. It correctly recognized the card, my vehicle VIN, etc. But in the default page (home) says...
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    Sharing: VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE (Brake Fluid)

    Bosch ESI6-32N Brake Fluid (Direct Replacement for DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1) - 1 Quart
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    Finding some engine oil under vehicle when very cold

    Due to pandemic, car is parked for long duration in NJ cold. When it gets really cold I am noticing some oil underneath my car. As out of warranty need advice. I found a TSB 01-014/15. I wanted to first take it to my trusted mechanic but wanted to know if anyone else faced this issue and how to...
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    Are TSBs covered by Mazda if vehicle is outside of warranty?

    I have the list of TSBs applicable for my CX-5 2016 and find some of them may be applicable for me. If I take it to the dealership and mention the issue and assuming they find the TSB will they (Mazda) cover the issue? Or should I even give them the TSB #?
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    Service manager comment - need inputs on brake lines

    As I mentioned in some threads the service manager for Mazda happens to know be a close acquaintance of mine. He used to be gear head and you might have actually seen him in one of the F&F movies even! Anyways he has always given me good advice. 1 thing he mentioned is he has started to see few...
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    Ha ha after 4 years found something new in my Infotainment

    Whenever I wanted to store a location I went to favorites - add section and added location. I was checking something and kept the favorites button pressed for few seconds. Suddenly a message appeared in my screen saying location XXX saved as favorite. Wow .. learned something new yesterday!!
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    Driver side mirror assembly question

    My driver side mirror assembly got hit and basically warrants a replacement. The good news is the mirror is intact. It has heated option, signal and has blind monitor. Everything still functions including the motor but the plastic housing broke and the bottom part clipped off and broke. Now I...
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    Getting worse - Infotainment restarts multiple times/sluggish when cold

    Now that the temperatures have dropped, my Infotainment center is acting weird. This used to happen during warranty period too but now I am kicking myself for ignoring it. It got terribly worse now. As long as the temp outside is low (near 4C / 40F) my infotainment screen do not come up and...
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    Need help replacing the command knob surrounding buttons

    Due to coffee spills and what not some buttons are stuck. I did remove everything and cleaned but no joy. Can someone guide me on what to buy as a part here? Here's the photo. Do I need to buy this whole thing? In my case the home button, favorites and back audio do not work. A part # if I...
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    Brake pads and rotor replacement

    2016.5 CX5. After 5 years finally time to replace brakes, rear. Dealership told me 2 brakes pads are there value and premium series. Can someone give the correct part # OEM for rear pads premium grade please? As my rotors look pretty “exhausted” too what would be the recommendation wrt rotors...
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    2013~2016 Command knob trim part # req

    2016.5 CX5: Due to liquid spillages, a few of the buttons surrounding the control knob stopped working. Like Home. I can take out the plastic trim, no problem. Tried cleaning it and re-inserted it but issue did not go away. Probably need a new part. Can anyone assist with part # details please?
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    Blown away Falken WildPeak A/T Trail 225/55/R19

    Thru Tirerack, approx. 1500 miles. Commute: Each way 27 miles with Garden State Parkway (NJ) and then stop-and-go NY City. Experience: Tremendous. Quieter than Toyo (stock): Yes. Handling and braking - terrific. Rain/sleet: Recently witnessed. Absolutely at par with Michellins and BF Goodrich...
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    Fuel G going on reverse?

    Suddenly starting today morning my fuel G showed Empty. Went to fill gas and only 1 G was required. Had to go to work (around 30 miles) and I put it on Distance to Empty which started off by showing 1 mile and then now shows 90 miles. THe guage itself is also moving in the OPPOSITE direction...
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    CURT 56310 for my CX5: powering option

    Hi, Someone gifted me with CURT 56310 and I quickly installed it and call me a dumbo - didn't read the instruction manual fully. Came to realize that I need to run a wire to the battery! Its cold and windy and hate to jack up the car and route the power (black) cord fiddling with that grommet...
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    Strange behavior after battery died and EPB was on: 2016 CX5

    Witnessed a frustrating incident recently. Irked me to no end. BTW: I do love my CX-5 but found the below experience: Unacceptable. Left car in NJ Transit parking lot (as usual) with EPB = ON and left for work (as usual). Return to find out battery died. Why? No idea - could be I left something...
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    Mud and snow: in the INSIDE portion of rear doors: anyone?

    I'll try to post some photos but this is something bothering me for sometime. If needs to be addressed, have to do it before my warranty runs over. Recently, drove thru a pile of slush, snow, mud, etc. When I open my front doors - either side there's this clear edge. All the mud/slush marks...
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    Horrible vandalism - saved by sheer luck and common sense

    6:30 AM - park @ NJ Railways train station parking lot as I decided to take public transport today. 7:30 PM - return - to see huge # of policemen, fire fighters, etc. Apparently - few miscreants decided to find new cars in the lot (registration sticker in windshield dead giveaway). Then they...
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    what do you recommend: "Lubricate all locks, hinges, etc"

    I want to know what's recommended for the task "Lubricate all locks, hinges, etc." in terms of product to use? Few tell me - under no circumstances use WD-40. I checked and found in a new car, there seems to be some white gooey material when I pulled 1 door handle. Seems to be lithium grease...
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    Using this for 6 months - as front parking sensors (Grr... hate the Aussies)

    As many know, Aussies get the goodies like front parking sensors, whereas here in US it's not even on the menu. What's offered are the rear parking sensors at a rather hefty price which BTW - no one installs (almost) since rear camera is default. Anyways - due to a peculiar and rather...
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    How does Mazda activate brakes when SCBS / SBC kicks in?

    I dont know that much about brakes except there's a master cylinder, brake oil and then via a manual pump (my brake pedal) that pushes the oil into the calipers which in turn press into the brake pads .................. In effect, with this limited knowledge: looks like a complete hydraulic...