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    Post what you paid for your Mazda6

    Good thing you were still able to find a new 2018 MY! That’s a very rare find...
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    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    Congrats on the new ride and CX-5’s a great vehicle! Totally agree with what your wife said...I myself treat my vehicles as commodities meant to serve my needs not the other way around! One car salesman told me over 10 years ago that I will never forget that you shouldn’t be obsessing in...
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    2017 Mazda CX-9 front suspension clunking/knocking noise

    Is this easy to fix as a DIY or is it something that can be claimed under warranty? Assuming there’s still some warranty left? Reason I asked is my 2017 is no longer covered by the 3yr basic warranty and I am starting to hear this clicking noise at the front (though not sure if it’s underneath...
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    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    I am also not worried about the carbon build up in DI engines as chances are I won’t own the vehicle for that long when the time comes there is significant carbon build up. Engine has also been reliable (the tried and true 2.5L of course without the CDA) and Mazda won’t be implementing them...
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    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    10mos/8K kms the last reading on a Mazda 6 with the CDA and no issues...I won’t worry too much about it if you’re considering that engine as there hasn’t been any other TSB/recall after the 2019 software update. Besides, any power train issue is covered for 5yrs under warranty!
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    LED Headlight housing appearance issue

    Was tempted to do this (using a blow dry) but figured that the fogging looks like it’s dried up and has been there for a long while hence blow drying won’t fix the issue. Looks like I’m out of luck on this one and should just not pay much attention to it so as not to ruin my like for the...
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    LED Headlight housing appearance issue

    Here’s a TSB from Mazda North America issued in March of 2019 that helps explain the condensation issue found in certain models including the 2019 Mazda 3. It will help determine if issue is claimable under warranty or not.
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    LED Headlight housing appearance issue

    According to the dealership, these new headlight housing designs implemented by Mazda on the 2019 MY’s and newer are now the “vented” type therefore condensation is considered as “normal” and they’re starting to see them as well in other Mazda 3s in their lot. The previous design was the...
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    LED Headlight housing appearance issue

    Yeah will be taking it to dealer for them to look at and rectify as I think this is a warranty issue...shouldn’t be happening to a newer vehicle!
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    LED Headlight housing appearance issue

    Has anyone experienced having issues inside the LED headlight housing that appears as cloudy-murky spots? Looks like dried up water-humidity within the housing lens. I’ve never experienced this in any of my other 3 Mazda vehicles until now (appear in both front headlights). See photos: This...
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    And so it ends

    Not sure if it’s available in the US but here in Cda I always get a 2-yr new vehicle protection (assuming that vehicle totalled is still within 2yrs) as it covers for the total cost and not fair market value of the vehicle in case it’s totalled regardless of mileage. Of course, it only applies...
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    New CX-9 Signature, ambient lighting issue

    I agree and manufacturers do that all the time (delete/add features). Just like the new 10.25” infotainment screen with Mazda Connect 2.0 which is new for 2021 in the US but sadly still not available here in Canada. We seem to be always behind in getting newer tech compared to other markets...
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    New CX-9 Signature, ambient lighting issue

    Looks like they deleted that feature for 2021 MY Signature in the USA but still available in Canada...check out the differences based on their brochures/spec sheet: first one is the US version and next is the Cda version
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