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    Recommendation for car ramps?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good set of ramps?
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    2019 CX-5 clock issue

    clock is 3 hours ahead after sitting overnight. It corrects, but then displays wrong time again next morning. This just started happening 4 days ago. thoughts? edit: also noticed with GPS sync checked, the time was off by 1 hour with settings on Eastern US and daylight savings checked. When I...
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    New CX-5 with a cracked windshield

    My daughter bought a new CX-5 a few months ago (no HUD) and just called telling me a rock on highway cracked her front windshield. I haven't gone through this with a new car, should she take to any windshield repair place or go through a dealer? Her collision deductible is $200. Should her...
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    Forward Sensing Camera VS Radar Sensor?

    Wife stated today there was a big orange circle warning error message this morning on the dash. Windshield had a layer of ice. I'm just trying to figure out if the message was because of the windshield camera(most likely) or because of the camera behind the Mazda emblem. Manual states the FSC...
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    Bose Factory Stereo

    Love my new GTR...but disappointed in the stereo. I'm a classic rock fan and when I hear a great song and want to crank it up the volume maxes out way too soon. This is from the stereo, not talking MP3's which might be of low quality. Any possible "tricks" to get some more volume?
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    oil change at 4 months or 5k miles..true?

    just received this from my dealer. Does manual state anywhere 4 months or 5k whatever occurs first? GTR "Our records indicate it has been about 4 months since you purchased your new Mazda. This means you are likely due for your first oil change and tire rotation. As you may already know, the...
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    when does low fuel indicator come on?

    dash showed 39 miles left, but no low fuel indicator was lit...
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    First oil change with low mileage use

    New GTR, will drive about 6-7k a year. When would you recommend first oil change? At 5k it will be close to a year. Should I go with say 6 months instead of the 5k recommended in the manual?
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    Tropical Storm Warning won't go away

    2 month old GTR and warning from 3 days ago still pops up every time I start the car. I hit close and it comes back on next start up. Is there a way to clear?
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    New Owners - Check your Tire PSI

    bought early July from Quirk in MA, just checked and all tires where at 50 PSI. Anything else I should be checking that was supposed to be checked at the dealer? I through out the inspection sheet, looked like everything was checked off.
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    manufacture date..what to expect

    for a cx-5 purchased this month, what should be the expected manufacture date? Would it just depend on the dealer and how long it takes them to sell? I would assume a higher volume dealer would have vehicles with newer manufacture dates?
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    station move up/down greyed out

    new car, this is bugging me. Most of the time when I hit add/edit station, the move or delete option is greyed out. Is there a trick i'm missing? It doesn't matter how I arrive at station clicking favorites or stereo icon button.
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    Certificate of Origin for GTR states 187 HP

    Just bought a new GTR and the certificate of origin states CX5 GTR XA, but 187 HP. The non turbo is 187 HP, turbo is 227 can this be wrong?
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    Where are the Reserves?

    Did a 200 mile search in MA area and no Reserves at all......0