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    Off Topic Forester XT work log

    A bridge I’ll cross when the tires wear down or gets ruined. 🙂
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    College Student First Car Build

    Gunmetal/Graphite wheel paint that I grabbed from Advance Auto.
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    Off Topic Forester XT work log

    Finally got the Y pipe taped up and installed onto the tmic. That's as far as I got today. I've been moving pretty slow on car related projects lately. A couple more photos from last weekend's trip.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Split Second AFC with base map. See mod list on post #4.
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    College Student First Car Build

    I ran into the opposite problem that Gabe did. I ordered the proper length studs but didn't account for the tip not being threaded so it was too short. Ended up just buying different studs from the store.
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    Engine cover looks wet?

    Without knowing the history of your car, it could be an oil leak or someone may have just spilled oil on it while filling the oil. Is your oil ever low? Your best bet is to clean off all the oil stains with some brake cleaner anywhere you can find it. Then drive around and check it every other...
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    Clearances and Torque Specs

    @gargola23 Sorry, you're in the Mazda Protege section so these specs are specific to the Protege.
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    Off Topic Forester XT work log

    Finished taping up the TMIC with the DEI cool tape. I still have to do the Y pipe under the TMIC. Got my gaskets in! Figured I'd give those a refresh before being installed. Sometimes I swear when I walk passed the thing it's glowing from that reflective tape lol.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere render brought to you by For those that want a render of your own, he made me the promo code "freshdonuts" to get you guys $10 off. Happy new years all!
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Digging through my old external yesterday, I found some old photos from 2010 that I never uploaded anywhere. Blue MP3 was my friends car but that car has been long sold.
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    I like how you still get heat/AC from under your boost gauge! lol
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    College Student First Car Build

    Well that's annoying. Should just cut off the non threaded part of those arp studs.
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    MSP build, advice welcomed too

    Yeah, 10AN is the recommended size for the oil lines when you use the bypassed oil pump and the Peterson PRV unit. No personal experience but read in the past that most that go lower than stock engine compression on their build really didn't like normal driving while out of boost. Plus stock...
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    Speedracr79's Build Thread

    Start a separate build thread. At some point, your updates will most likely confuse you as they run together. It'll surely confuse me lol. Looks good btw!
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    Off Topic Forester XT work log

    It just might be! I wanted to get it in before the holidays.
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    Off Topic Forester XT work log

    Gave the thing a good wash. Not bad for an old geezer from 2004.
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    Turbo Replacement

    I’ve read the cxracing turbo fits but some work has to be put into it. Don’t have personal experience on that front. @Gabe710 might be able to shed more light on that. The Garrett GT2860, aka the disco potato, is what most upgrade to and there are plenty of threads with that turbo floating...
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    Glad I could help out!
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    Off Topic Forester XT work log

    It's been a while. I've been taking it easy since injuring my finger. Good news on that is my nail doesn't appear like it's going to fall off :) Anywho, the results of the rear sway bar and rear strut bar are awesome. With my setup, it's not like a tiny little go kart but there definitely is...