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  1. ceric

    Drive Belt tensioner leaking at 40,700 miles per dealer

    Of my 3 Mazdas ('14 M3, '16 M6, and '17 CX5), the Mazda6 showed the oil stains like the pic above, and even on the generator (I wonder why). I cleaned it up completely. I have not seen any sign of leak for more than 6 months. I will keep it under regular check.
  2. ceric

    2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR Brakes after 34K miles?

    Dealers usually recommend brake fluid change at 30K miles.
  3. ceric

    Brake Fluid Change

    My dealer charged $198 for the brake fluid exchange. 1 hr of labor costs $140. Expensive in SF Bay Area.
  4. ceric

    When the battery dies

    I carry a Li-Ion batter starter in the cargo area. Just in case. It lasts for more than 1 yr. If you worry, you can get the supercap type, which does not contain battery inside. It drains your 12V battery to charge itself (the supercap inside) to start your engine. It takes about 30sec to 1 min...
  5. ceric

    Brake Fluid Change Interval 2018 CX-5 FWD

    Dealer told me 30K miles. Your call.
  6. ceric

    Brake Fluid Change

    Dealer would tell you about 30K miles interval. (though, OM does not mention it) My daughter came back for holidays with her '14 Mazda3. The brake fluid level was low. I had it replaced at dealer. It had 43K miles (short drives). Moisture and air bubbles are the things to worry in brake fluid.
  7. ceric

    2019 GT-R Surge at Idle

    To OP. Bad gas? When I had my '98 BMW 540iA. It choked at red light a couple times. The engine shut down completely. I had to restarted it. This was when it had less than 1000 miles. However, it never happened again for the 8 years I owned it after these two incidents.
  8. ceric

    2013~2016 CX5 diesel engine goes off/stalls suddenly

    Looks like a vacuum leak to me. When it happened to my co-worker's Lexus RX, the engine could not hold idle, but it was OK to drive as long as the gas pedal was pressed. No CEL, correct? Same in my co-worker's case. The tow trunk gentleman came and did Italian tune-up (you know, rev the engine...
  9. ceric

    Blown head gasket for CX-5 Diesel

    As yrwei52 pointed out above, owners of a specific country needs to band together and ask Mazda to extend the warranty on the engine. Owners in Taiwan got their *forever warranty* on the engine body after protests and recalls. The problem is with the sleeves of the cylinders leak diesel into oil.
  10. ceric

    2021 Key Battery Low

    There is a way to shut down the spare fob completely. Search the forum. Very simple to deactivate and re-activate when needed. My fobs typically last 2 yrs. Keep you fob far away from your vehicles (some people leave their fobs in the garage. that is too close). Or, keep your fobs in a metal...
  11. ceric

    After 15 months of ownership, my only complaint

    Agree with OP. Cost cutting, I imagine. I just hit the button(s) in relative position to the green LED... Never miss it yet.
  12. ceric

    Love The Blind Spot Warning

    I had BSM on my '08 CX9. Mazda got the technology from Ford (who got it from Volvo). At that time, few luxury models had it. I loved to show it off to my colleagues who own Lexuses "Really? There is no BSM on Lexus? Wow, what a shame! It's a $200 option." Best $200 I ever spent.
  13. ceric

    Good price for extended warranty?

    Pre-approval could be an issue in holiday season... :( Speaking from past experience.
  14. ceric

    Gas in oil?

    Good read. Thanks, OB1.
  15. ceric

    2014~2021 i-stop and i-ELOOP issue

    To OP: Did you check your 12V battery? If you have not replaced it, it maybe about time... (Q85 battery, Panasonic High Performance battery, costs $$$) Mine is '16 GT with iEloop (gas version). I had to replace the 12V at 42K. Otherwise, I saw Inspect Required message on the dash, and iEloop...
  16. ceric

    Guide: CX-5 Universal Oil Catch Can Installation

    IMHO, seeing some oil in the OCC does not prove that it works well. Does it improve 0.01% or 99.9%? Maybe I will ask Mr. "Project Farm" on Youtube to do it....
  17. ceric

    Brake chatter?

    I have not experienced any unexplained auto-braking in my '17 CX5 GT.
  18. ceric

    Next-gen CX-5: Rumors from Japan

    Formally announced by Mazda.
  19. ceric

    2017 CX-5 autodimming mirror

    Hard to say. Your Touring might not have the wiring ready for plug-n-play as GT does. I cannot be sure. I used to install such a mirror to my '08 CX9 myself. Bought the mirror from It was a Mazda accessory. The instructions were clear enough. At that time, there was no...
  20. ceric

    2017 CX-5 autodimming mirror

    Yes. I have a '17 GT, and the mirror looks like the one in your 1st pic. It came with my GT. Sorry, I have no part number. Did you check for info? From this page, the frameless one should work also...