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    GT-R (turbo) vs. Hybrid CR-V ??

    What do we know about the forthcoming Honda CR-V hybrid? I'm especially concerned it may lack gnd. clearance which is already marginal... I had expected to get a GT-R last year but never get a decent price quote and am not getting one this year either (only one Mazda dealer within 80 miles of me).
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    Auto Unlock in Settings ??

    My CX5 rental will lock the doors when I walk away, but won't unlock when I walk up ... and stand there hopefully... I am not able to get to the sub-menu for Door Lock in the Settings menu (!!) I cannot move to that setting - all I can see is the rain sensing wipers are on and I can't move...
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    Model/Trim ID ??

    How can I figure out which model or Trim of CX5 the rental place gave me? I see a CX5 badge on the LR hatch, and it doesn't have Nav or CarPlay - that's all I can figure out...(evil)
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    Mapping for Backroads

    I assume that the built-in mapping software doesn't have info on USFS and BLM dirt or gravel roads... Can I load a GPS/mapping app on my iPhone and have that display on the CX5 display panel? (it is larger than an iPhone screen so that would be helpful) I am talking about the apps made by...
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    Manual Key

    Will the small metal key alone let you drive the vehicle? I don't see how you could do that, unless there is a secret start code you could punch in. My concern is losing the wireless key fob while hiking, and being stranded at a remote trailhead in the outback somewhere. A metal key could...
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    2020 Models

    Do we know anything about them yet?
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    When will Mazda announce (or leak) info on the 2020 MY CX5??

    not just what we want, what they will have in the 2020 CX5?
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    Machine Gray paint durability

    after the buffing horror of crystal soul red in another thread, I wanted to ask about the Gray paint that you can get on the CX5 Mazda charges an extra $300 for it, so regular Silver is cheaper, but how well will it hold up? any experiences?
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    Roof rack side rails

    Can these things be added later on? Or do you have to get them when the vehicle is manufactured? And... are they really a good way to mount holders for bikes, boxes, etc. or od yo get some clips form Yakima?
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    GT-R vs. BMW x3 comparison

    Has anyone compared the BMW x3 to the GT-3? The X3 felt heavy to me, but very fast (this was the 4 cylinder with turbo - their low end model). The BMW salesman claimed it was safer, and handled better - also shorter braking distances.
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    Carpeted floor mats

    I see lots of posts about rubber floor mats (for the passenger parts of the cabin), but what about good carpeted ones? I found this Berber style, but don't know how well it fits or its quality...
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    Overhead Consoles

    Does the regular Overhead Console on the GT, GT-R have lighting in it? Mazda says the Signature trim level has LED Room lamp and down light are added to the console and that it is "unique"...
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    Side to Side Swiveling Headlights

    I've seen people mention this feature but can't find it (under a recognizable name at least) in mazda's pdf info sheets. Does any one know which trim levels and Model Years of the Gen2 CX5 have it?
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    Turbo Lag

    Has anyone found any turbo lag on the CX5 turbo model? If so, under what conditions? I am planning a test drive of the turbo model and want to see if it has lag, say while passing a car you're stuck behind on a 2 lane hwy.
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    Turn Off Annoying Gizmos?

    I hear there are some safety gizmos on the 2019 (or 2018, etc.) that are intrusive. e.g. during a test drive a 2019 buzzed me when I signalled a (safe) lane change because it thought a car back there was too close I guess. I've also seen posts here where people complained about it... Can this...
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    2019 vs. 2018 vs. 2017

    I am wondering how the top 2 trim levels differ from year to year on the CS5. The Signature and the Riserva (or whatever they call it). Thx (could not find a thread that really covered this).
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    Apple Carplay question

    I've never had a vehicle with Apple's carplay system, so am wondering how it works. I have an iPhone 6 with music stored not in mp3 but in Apple Lossless files. Will those play on the CX5? And does it work wirelessly or do you need to plug it in?
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    2017~2021 turbo engine oil/filter change interval

    I'm thinking of buying a CX-5 with a turbo, but would like to know if the factory specs. a different oil change interval for it. Thx (salesman says they are the same, but he's a salesman...)