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  1. GTA-CX9

    "New-to-me" owner of a '19 Signature just checking in to introduce myself

    Oh, c'mon that is hilarious. She mustve thought you were kidding when you told her. Hers grey??? Our CX9s are twins, year, colour, model. Welcome!
  2. GTA-CX9

    Winter Tire Recos

    This was the case for me too. At first I had doubts, as I didn't want to go from 19 down to 17 inch rims but when I saw the design I decided to go for it. I actually like the look, despite the 2 inch drop down. It's not the best photo, but the winter rims are in my profile pic. I didn't have a...
  3. GTA-CX9

    Winter Tire Recos

    I don't know the brand, but remember rubber compound is as important, if not more, than tread. Tread works for snow, but it does less for you on dry/damp cold pavement than the nice soft rubber in a good tire.
  4. GTA-CX9

    2019 CX-9 Mesh Grill

    Ohhhh, now I'm intrigued. Add me to the list of those now searching for this grille!
  5. GTA-CX9

    2019 CX-9 Mesh Grill

    Don't forget if you find one and have a Signature, not sure if the light strip would still function, I haven't looked that close but I assume it's a part of the grill.
  6. GTA-CX9

    Winter Tire Recos

    A yr ago, this was the same comparison i wanted to make. But I was told, and the little research I did at the time seemed to confirm, X ice didn't exist in 18 or 19 inch sizes for my Signature. I'm guessing Michelin filled the gap in the product lineup? Or maybe I should have searched harder a...
  7. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Outback?

    I find all Subarus to be a bit frumpy looking. So much glass...big windows, which I assume give them great visibility, but the look is just top heavy. Esp the forester and outback. The cx9 almost has gunslit windows. Great look. When I drive my crv, i feel on display there's so much window...
  8. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Outback?

    Cubic ft in back of mazda is about the same as a crv, so don't go putting to much faith in the space back there. Wouldn't surprise me if the actual cubic ft in the outback wasn't too far off the cx9. And like sm1ke said, you know how your cx5 has the hatch which angles in toward the front of...
  9. GTA-CX9

    Remote start options for 2018 CX-9?

    Are you sure it doesn't have? If the seller got it as a dealer accessory, you can try LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK to activate. And it's touchy on timing, not too fast or slow. So give it a few tries. Be sure before spending $.
  10. GTA-CX9

    Park CX-9 in garage?

    Oh ya, I've done this! Mostly during C-19. It hasn't backfired yet...
  11. GTA-CX9

    Possible New purchase thoughts?

    Ive done this on last 2 purchases. Simply was in position to buy new and more upmarket vehicle before my financing was done. Low rates, I took long terms, and we're luckily at career stages where thigs move in "good" directions regularly. It is a weird feeling, though, the whole part of the...
  12. GTA-CX9

    Battery life for key fob...How long does yours last?

    Yikes, I only got 8 months or so on a cx9 fob. My garage is detached so 2 brick walls and anywhere from 30 to prob 80 ft distance. 4 months of that was C-19, so car used maybe once a week on avg. Oh well. Maybe I'll get luckier with the replacement battery. Could be the new car had a fob...
  13. GTA-CX9

    2017~2021 Considering a change from Subaru

    Well, if snow is up there with concerns, I won't bother to tell you start running winter tires and store them at the dealer, but start running winter tires and store them at the dealer. Having said that, and people may disagree with me but I do live in the great white north and did snowplow...
  14. GTA-CX9

    2021 CX-9 Changes

    Question...did you lower the cx5? Looks sharp!
  15. GTA-CX9

    Park CX-9 in garage?

    I back the CX9 in, and have red piece of tuck tape on the floor. Once my bumper is over the tape, I'm good. Also coincides for me with the sensor giving the STOP beep. CRV goes nose first, that I kind of judge...smaller vehicle, so more leeway. Too far up is annoying with the entry door and...
  16. GTA-CX9

    Park CX-9 in garage?

    I guess only way to know for sure is measure your garage. I can tell you when i leave a foot at the front (backed in), I have 2 ft a the back. That 2 ft is more than enough for the hatch to open. Unloading bags is easy. Stroller requires some pivoting but not difficult. I suspect my garage is...
  17. GTA-CX9

    Park CX-9 in garage?

    Pretty standard garage here, i back mine in. Enough room at front to get by (pants will get dirty) and in back I have clearance to open hatch and remove items such as stroller. Side to side with a CRV, enough room to fully (or very close to fully) open doors that are facing middle of garage...
  18. GTA-CX9

    Anyone consider a used Luxury SUV for the price of a new CX-5?

    The QV I'd guess is the 500 HP one? Looking at the base, Car and Driver had 2018 model go 5.4 sec to 60. Base 43K, as tested price 55K. Still not a difference in either metric to sneeze at, but more realistic comparo.
  19. GTA-CX9

    AWD Systems Comparison With Europeans

    Thanks for the article. I hadn't heard the brake aspect of the "Plus". No one can doubt the results of how Mazdas handle, but the GVC seems counter intuitive to me and so does the new Plus. By cutting torque and slightly having the car tilt forward, seems to me that is what we don't want cars...
  20. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 for my traveling son?

    So, it would seem the OP is in a nice spot so as not to be too concerned about price, and so I'd say the CX9 does offer some things the CX5 doesn't, for the extra $. IMO the interior is a bit nicer. Not to slag on the CX5, but the design and extra space just makes it feel more luxurious. Again...