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    2019 CX-5 signature first oil change - conventional or synthetic?

    I recommend the Idemitsu 5w-30. Idemitsu makes (made?) the Mazda high moly 0w-20
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    2014~2020 Going to war with Mazda re: rear brakes

    Pretty much all brands with electric parking brakes have some type of 'maintenance mode' for servicing brakes. A busy indy shop should be up to date on how to get in and out of these maintenance modes. I like the idea of leaving a print out
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    Wow! CX-5 Short Break Pad Life!

    like I mentioned in your main thread, it's likely that the caliper pins seized up from lack of lubrication
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    Why does the brake pedal stick out so much?

    I 100% agree. For some reason starting around the 2014 redesigns, Mazda positioned the brake pedal higher, and also closer to the gas pedal. My main complaint with the CX5 and M6 is that my feet feel very cramped in the footwell area. It needs to be at least 2" wider on the left side
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    New to Mazda, new owner of CX-5 Signature. Where is...

    that's actually not as overinflated as lots of people see. the tires ship overinflated so they don't get flat spots on the ride over. When the vehicles are PDI'd when they arrive at the dealers they are supposed to get adjusted down, but often the guy doing the prepping often doesn't bother
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    2017~2021 Early Service Warning

    in the US the light comes on 600 miles (965 km) before the service is due
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    New to Mazda, new owner of CX-5 Signature. Where is...

    I don't think we know if the Mazda 5W-30 is conventional or a synthetic blend. Castrol GTX has versions of each. Idemitsu has their 5w-30 oil in the new GF6/SP standard out
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR Brakes after 34K miles?

    BMW says to change the brake fluid every 2 years. I learned this when my sister asked me to take her BMW to get serviced and they changed the brake fluid along with the oil for free. Apparently the BMW maintenance plan included on new vehicles covers all the recommended services while they are...
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    2014~2020 Going to war with Mazda re: rear brakes

    I'd bet that the issue was from the caliper slide pins locking up from lack of lubrication (esp with Canadian weather). The master tech at the Mazda dealer I used to work at told me that cleaning/relubing the caliper pins every year or two was the best way to keep the brakes going for a long time.
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 GTR Brakes after 34K miles?

    Brake fluid is more a matter of time instead of miles, because it absorbs moisture and that is what affects performance. 2-3 years usually when changing the fluid is recommended. For Mazda new gen vehicles (Mazda 3, CX30, etc) the service schedule says to change the brake fluid every other oil...
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    Cylinder Deactivation Update
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    2017~2021 Fuel Gauge Stuck on Full

    This happened on my 17 Mazda 6 when it was on it's 1st tank. Gauge was at 1/4 and when I went to fill up the needle didn't move. I worked at Mazda at the time and mentioned it to the service dept manager. He said to drive it for a few hundred miles then fill up again and see if it would get...
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    Idemitsu Moly Oil Alert

    Ok, this sucks. I've been waiting for Idemitsu to come out with the GF6 spec moly oil. I wonder if they will still be making it for Mazda since they are the manufacturer for all of the Mazda branded oils?
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    Video of belt tensioner leaking and leaking timing cover gasket

    what was the date you bought the cx5? if it's not still under warranty it might be close enough that Mazda corporate will ok a goodwill warranty repair for the timing belt cover
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    First oil change question

    Yup, the new GF6/SP standard that went into effect a few months ago is supposed to be a huge improvement with GDI carbon and timing chain issues. All manufacturers should have switched over by now
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    First oil change question

    just fyi, in most European countries the oil change interval for the 2.5L CX5 is 20k km (12,400 mi). And in the US, for the new Mazda 3 and CX30 with the same 2.5L engine, the interval is now 10k miles
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    2013~2016 Belt Tensioner - Shouldn't this be a warranty item?

    That loosk to be an even older design than the TSB says to replace. Yours is .07, the one the TSB says to replace is .10, and the current replacement part is .13. What is the part number on the inner side of the tensioner under the Mazda logo?
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    Simplified. What percentage off the CX-5 sticker?

    That's the price as set by Mazda. Manufacturer rebates then come off of that amount, then the dealer discount (if any) comes off. State and local taxes and registration fees get added to that
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    2016.5 CX-5 Transmission fluid change questions

    Look at the RTV diagram posted. The bead runs on the inside of the screw holes only, not completely surrounding them. Could that be an issue?
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    2016.5 CX-5 Transmission fluid change questions

    there's lots of dried RTV in the screw holes. did you degrease the surfaces before applying?