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    Dash Cam Install - Vantrue N2 Pro w/install kit.

    Installation of a dash camera, the Vantrue N2 Pro. This is a very neat camera that I purchased for $149.99 on Amazon during a promotion. I also used the Vantrue wiring kit which makes a clean install easy. It has a front facing and rear facing lens. Very useful for Uber or Lyft drivers, though...
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    Sport Van & Roadster

    Here's my 5. I just got it.
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    Planning Mazda5 suspension overhaul

    Hey everybody. Getting a 2013 silver 5 very soon. I'd like it to look and handle nicely. I'm going to put on a set of 17" wheels from a 2013 MX-5 club. Here is my shopping list for suspension parts so far based on what I've read here. I'm using specific part numbers. Bilstein B8 dampers 1x...