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    Next-gen CX-5: Rumors from Japan

    Here in Denmark the CX-30 skyactiv-x is about 6-7% more expensive than the Skyactiv-G (150 hp version), so not a lot.
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    Next-gen CX-5: Rumors from Japan

    It's only supercharged because the SPCCI tech needs a supercharger to deliver enough air to work, as the 3.0 I6 is a Skyactiv-X engine. So you need to compare it to a NA 3.0 engine for power and torque.
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    Oil and oil filter for 2018 2.0 Skyactiv-G AT

    Just wanting to share my experience with the 2.0 Skyactiv-G, although in a CX-3 but it's still the same engine. My Mazda dealer, who services my car uses a Q8 5W-30 A5/B5 oil and so far that hasn't caused any issues at all with oil changes every 20,000 km and I've just passed 160,000 km. It...
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    New Car - When Should I really get my first oil change?

    I don'thave a CX-5 but a CX-3 and I just follow the instructions from Mazda, changing oil every 20,000 km when it goes in for service and the first oil change was after 20,000 km (at the first service) So far I've done just over 159,000 km and it's still running smooth using very little oil...
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    Heated rear view mirrors an option?

    Not knowing where you're from, it's difficult to say but here in Europe heated side mirrors are standard on all versions.
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    2019 CX-5: How do I open key fob to replace battery?

    Taken from the manual:
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    Poll: Who is interested in the MX-30?

    There is :-) If you see the review on Autogefühl he actually mentions the rangeextender when he shows the cutaway MX-30 at the showroom, it's placed next to the electricmotor in the front. Go to 5:06 in the video for the cutaway.
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    Poll: Who is interested in the MX-30?

    Here's the German brochure for the MX-30:,f_auto/mazdade/globalassets/cars/mazda-mx-30/pdf/mazda-mx-30-broschure-inkl-preise.pdf?4940bf If you scroll down to page 24, you can see the dimensions, exterior, interior and boot. Price for base...
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    Poll: Who is interested in the MX-30?

    I'm both interested in the MX-30 but would also like an electric or pluging-hybrid CX-30, so the poll is a bit limited for me (maybe give the possibility to choose motre than one option?) but I chose "I want an Electric CX-3, 30, 5, 8 or 9".
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    Has anyone bought a CX-30 yet?

    Yes, it's standard on all CX-30, at least here in Denmark.
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    Why does the rest of the world always get better options?

    Yeah, we pay a lot more....72,000 USD for a top spec 2.5 CX-5 (and it's still only FWD) and 82,000 USD for a top spec 2,2 184 hp diesel with AWD :eek: ;)
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Where's the $6300 price difference coming from, is that official from Mazda USA or is it just made up? In Germany the price difference on the CX-30 2,0 122HP to Skyactiv-X 180 hp is $2700 (converted from €) and from 2,0 150hp to Skyactiv-X 180hp it's $1600. This is for the FWD version, for the...
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    But the Skyactiv-X isn't even offered in the US, so why show the price difference in $? In the second article they quote Mazda Europe chief executive saying that "60 per cent of Mazda3 orders have the Skyactiv-X engine, while 45 per cent of CX-30 models sold also have the unit." So I'll wait a...
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    Has anyone bought a CX-30 yet?

    Depends on where you live I guess. Here in Europe all CX-30s comes with HUD but it looks like you need a specific package in the US to get it.
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    CX-30 Towing Capacity and Hitch

    Here in Europe it's rates to pull 1300 kg, so it's capable enough. Why it's not allowed in the US I don't know.
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    SkyActiv-X may not reach US shores

    Yes and yes. Mazda has said that the range extender would be the size of a shoebox. And as it's acting as a generator, they can make it run at optimal rpm at all times.
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    CX-30 Features: US vs. Europe vs. Canada

    The AFS has pivoting headlights, so the lights turn left or right by up to 15 degrees but main beam is either on or off as with normal headlights. The ALH (Adaptive LED headlights - some time called matrix LED or segment LED) has a number of individual LEDs for main beam, I think it's 11 or 12...
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    CX-30 Features: US vs. Europe vs. Canada

    I also believe that USA and Canada are missing out on the Adaptive LED headlights (matrix/segment LED) and only get the AFS headlights.
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    CX-30 EuroNCAP Test Results

    The Mazda CX-30 just scored the highest rating ever for Adult Occupants in EuroNCAP with 99%, the Mazda 3 is close behind with 98% (tested in the spring). So it looks like the new platform which is used by the 3 and CX-30 is very safe.
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    Trip Computer MPG

    Mine isn't a CX-5 but a CX-3 though I think the computer is pretty much the same. My actual mpg is usually (about 95% of the time) within 0.5 MPG US, rest is of by 0.5-1.5. Sometimes the actual mpg is better than the computer, sometimes worse. Mind you I've had to convert from L/100km to MPG US...