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  1. Antoine

    Manual liftgate height

    Not sure this is even possible or helpful but could you attach a small but strong tie down strap (or two, one to each side), one end secured somewhere inside and the other end to the liftgate so that the liftgate is prevented from fully opening?
  2. Antoine

    CX-30 Rear seats creases

    I've seen threads about this issue in our other Forums...Here is a quote from @yrwei52 that may provide some answers...It appears this issue is not model specific...
  3. Antoine

    Bought new in January, hated it by July

    Thread closed. This isn't going to end well even though the Members who responded were trying to help initially...Unfortunately, it has become clear that the OP is not actually seeking assistance. This is a good time to mention one of our Site Rules... The act of intentionally posting...
  4. Antoine

    Mazda CX-50

    Yeah that appears to be a mishmash of current Mazda designs rather than an actual accurate representation. That's why I mentioned that I "trust" Mazda will release something as or more appealing than the current CX-5. That said...It is fun to see renders!
  5. Antoine

    Manual liftgate height

    I'm not sure I understand your question exactly but does this video help at all..? I see you mention "manual" and the video references a "power" unit if I'm understanding your question correctly...So the above video probably won't help. Hmmm...I did find part of the manual describing the...
  6. Antoine

    Mazda CX-50

    Thanks for posting the first thread in one of our newest Forums! (y) Excellent summary of what we currently know as well...I like those engine options and I trust Mazda will design the CX-50 to be as appealing if not more than the current CX-5 (it will be a very tough act to follow no doubt)...
  7. Antoine

    Any Mazdaspeed3 tuners here? Need help!

    Welcome @Darthtater92 Thanks for joining up! We've got quite an archive of MS3 related posts that you can search through plus @323 (one of our Moderators) has experience with the MS3 and might be able to provide assistance...Hopefully others will chime in as well (another Moderator @Natey might...
  8. Antoine

    PCB's Unbuild Thread

    You ok there @pcb? What’s with the sudden stream of completely unrelated pics? Mistake? Please clarify because it’s way Off Topic and will need to be cleaned up. Thanks.
  9. Antoine

    Hey Y’all!

    Welcome @Bigpat27 Thanks for joining up, you’ve come to the right place. Keep us updated with your mods if you can and enjoy the Forums! 😁
  10. Antoine

    Guide: Mazda 2.0 & 2.5 Ltr Valve Cover & Oil Control Valve Gasket replacement

    Sweet! Thanks (y) Posted a link in our Resources section...
  11. Antoine

    Mazda 2.0 & 2.5 Ltr Valve Cover & Oil Control Valve Gasket replacement
  12. Antoine

    Poll: What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    We’re glad you joined! :) As for the registration question, that was necessary not to test your skills but to help prevent an onslaught of spam accounts and posts! Fortunately now we have a more efficient system. (y)
  13. Antoine

    Bring Back The Mazda MP3!

    Loved the MP3, it would be really cool to see an MP3 tribute edition for the Mazda3 or create a sporty “back to basics” trim for the lineup.
  14. Antoine

    Chrome Delete?

    I can see why! Looks fantastic! (y)
  15. Antoine

    2007~2015 Cargo Box problem with fixpoint

    Translated into English thanks to Google Translate. Hopefully someone familiar with this issue can chime in!
  16. Antoine

    The Ohio Random Thread... aka We Should Probably Be Working

    If by 'forum" you mean this thread, than yes...Busy Off Topic chat threads are a thing of the past because it seems people do that sort of communication on "Social Media" now which is fine, we're here to talk Mazda. As for the overall site, it's as busy as ever with Mazda related posts. :)
  17. Antoine

    Anyone with a CX-5 have any significant time in a CX-30 for comparo?

    Side-Topic... I left a temporary redirect (in the CX-5 Forum set to expire in a month) and moved the thread to the CX-30 Forum because ultimately it seems to be about the CX-30. Those Members who have or had a CX-5 and own a CX-30 or drove one can easily see this thread here and chime in...
  18. Antoine

    Cabin noise reduced in 2020s?

    Interesting observation that would be great as its own topic. Let’s keep this thread about the question asked by @Luke Thomas :)
  19. Antoine

    How-To: Delete site account

    Deleted as requested.
  20. Antoine

    CX FS: 2015 Mazda CX-5 Wheels and Tires

    @istay808 Thanks for the signage, please add a few more pics of the wheels/tires clearly visible with the sign as well...Thanks again.