Sprint Booster V3

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"Designed specifically to enhance acceleration in a number of popular platforms, the Sprint Booster is an aftermarket electronic module that plugs in between the accelerator pedal and the engine control unit (ECU) in vehicles equipped with an electronic throttle control. Sprint Booster is an application-specific hardware based product designed specifically for your car. This device is engineered to improve acceleration on drive by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal providing the ECM (Electronic Control Module) with a new and altered signal. Many modern vehicles utilize electronic throttle control and more vehicles are going that way, especially performance and sports cars. In conventional throttle systems, the accelerator pedal is connected to the throttle by a cable. In electronic throttle control systems, the accelerator pedal is connected to a sensor that sends a signal to the ECU that operates the throttle. The ECU increases or decreases throttle effort based on your accelerator pedal input, however this doesn’t always translate to instant response. Things like pedal sensitivity, stability control and traction control systems can vary on different vehicles and can also lead to larger lag in throttle response and acceleration when its go-time. Sprint Booster improves response, increases pedal input sensitivity and delivers more impressive off the line performance. This product does not alter fuel or ignition in your vehicle; it’s a simple plug-n-play mod that delivers instant response throughout the power band, making accelerating and revs matching incredibly more fun."

I posted my general thoughts about this product in my DIY guide here, but I'll just copy/paste some parts below.

You can press the silver button on the control unit to switch between 3 modes: Off, Sport (green) and Race (red). You can also adjust sensitivity of each mode by pressing the left ot right buttons on the controller to toggle between 1 (low sensitivity) and 9 (high sensitivity). According to the manual, Sport mode provides improved response by up to 30%, while Race mode provides up to 60% improved response.

Personally, I think I'll keep it at Sport 7 or 8 for the times that I'm driving with my wife. The difference is subtle enough that my wife wouldn't notice it while driving, but it's just enough for me to notice. When I'm on my own, I'll probably set it to Race 6-9, depending on how spicy I'm feeling, lol. So far I haven't gone past Race 7.

The SB also has a Valet mode and a Pedal Lock mode. The Valet mode reduces throttle sensitivity by 55, 65 or 75%, and the Pedal Lock mode disables throttle input altogether. These modes are enabled/disabled by setting a 3-digit PIN. I won't go into detail with these because I haven't used them yet, but the included instructions explain these features and show how to set them up.

Driving impressions are very positive. The improved throttle response makes it more fun to drive. I find that throttle lag is reduced quite a bit, but your impressions may vary depending on your style of driving.

Here are a couple of straight-line acceleration runs with the Sprint Booster installed on my CX-9.

Overall I think it was a great purchase, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for better acceleration and a little more fun with the car. I've had it installed for about 6 months, but I've had it turned off for the past 3 months because it started to get close to freezing temps. The nice thing about this product is that it does come with a money back guarantee, so there's basically no risk in trying it out to see if it's something you want.
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