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    Coolant Boiling Normal?

    '14 Tahoe. The expansion tank is pressurized. I've never paid attention to Mazda setup, sorry guys...
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    Drive Belt tensioner leaking at 40,700 miles per dealer

    How do you figure it's a hydraulic tensioner?
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    Coolant Boiling Normal?

    Never paid attention to the radiator set-up in Mazda, always thought it was the same as our other car. Took a peek under the hood and yeah, I'm sorry for my confusion!
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    Coolant Boiling Normal?

    How's that possible? I mean, how do you connect the overflow tank that is not sealed to the rest of the coolant system that is supposed to be quite sealed indeed? It is sealed for sure...
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    Drive Belt tensioner leaking at 40,700 miles per dealer

    How does the tensioner leak if it is not hydraulic? It's a physical spring tensioner that has nothing to do with engine lubrication system. The "leak" is from the spring lubricant seeping out of the gasket...
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    Mazda's 1'st Electric Vehicle - Looks like a CX-5

    Beta testing, en? Well, GM got away with their AFM (cylinder de-activation system) for 7 years at least. Who knows if they have got it right with latest iteration... Then there's Mazda with... um... cylinder de-activation system... Beta-tested on live customers and failed few times... Tesla...
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    Did you have the rocker issue recall work done? Post your experience here

    Makes me think we're keeping my wife's '15 for a while. At least until Mazda smartens up...
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    Diesel CX5 has landed in the USA

    Looks to me that Mazda has been living in the past. They publicly admitted that they think that ICE has some life in it. Sigar butt, as Buffet likes to describe something that has one or two puffs in it... Perhaps, Toyota electric technology will revive their leading-edge motto, but at this...
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    Parking my CX-5 on the street and then...

    Ha, my wife is 53, and she can shoot quite well!
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    Parking my CX-5 on the street and then...

    I thought you guys down South from Canada would behave much more... polite? Or more reasonably then usual over here? When I come down I usually do. Because the other guy/gal may naturally carry a gun, and this would put me in an extremely disadvantaged position. At any time! So I let EVERYTHING...
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    OBDII scanner BT Android apps

    There certainly is engine oil temperature sensor. As well as tranny temp sensor, rear diff temp sensor in AWD vehicles. Haven't looked for oil pressure, so not sure. I know, because I read them and more through Forscan.
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    Removing Wax on PLASTIC trim

    Just a simple pencil eraser works wonders.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Oh. That's why your CX-5 has one engine only... I was always curious... [emoji482]
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Thought about pilot license? [emoji3]
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    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    Holly cow. Do you guys realize what this means, if it really comes down to it?