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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    Yes, this’s an excellent point getting the oil filter replaced! The dealer may also put wrong oil filter which is for 2.5L as they put wrong oil which is for 2.5L in a 2.5T.
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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    Using 5W-30 oil in 2.0L and 2.5L is perfectly fine. 5W-30 viscosity is recommended for 2.0L / 2.5L by Mazda worldwide except in US and Canada.
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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    The oil filter contains about 0.2 ~ 0.5 quart of oil which can’t be drained out. However it’s small amount it will dilute the fresh 5W-30 oil. In fact based on the report here the other Mazda dealer who made the same mistake did change the oil with oil filter after the complain. If I were...
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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    This happened before by Mazda dealers. And usually the dealer is willing to re-do the oil change with new filter as the oil in filter can’t get replaced without changing it. Call the services manager even the GM of the dealer and demand them to correct their mistake.
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    2013~2016 Timing Chain Failures?

    Yeah there’re plenty talks that watery 0W-20 oil would fail to protect timing chain in the long run. As for using 5W-30 on 2.5L, based on Mazda’s official viscosity chart we should have no problems of using it unless your winter temperature is below -25°F!
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    2013~2016 Timing Chain Failures?

    Idemitsu 0W-20 SP / GF-6 oil claims the following improvements over its GF-5 oil: 30% more protection against engine wear 26-46% reduction in oil consumption for longer life Up to 24% improved fuel economy 90% more resistant to viscosity increases Three to four times more protection against...
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    CX-5 Strut/Shock replacement

    The spring rate is my concern too and by the time I need the front struts, I’d get the OEM struts and reuse the springs. More work but less guess work. I can share your experience on after-market parts. I used to use after-market parts sometimes, but got burned several times and I had to...
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    2013 CX-5 GT Dead and won't jump

    Yes, those things happen. The reason why the jump-start instruction wants you to connect ground point instead of negative terminal directly on dead battery mainly is for safety reason preventing possible explosion due to the sparks close to the battery vent although this kind of incident seemed...
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    CX-5 Clattering noise when accelerating

    Not much stuff under your seat which can make noise. Bring the TSB to show your dealer that should help them to find something.
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    Oil filter - 2.5L Turbo

    Yeah the PY8W-14-302-MV is “Value Product” and I believe it’s made in Mexico. It’s like Mexican made “Value Product” PE01-14-302A-MV to defunct Tokyo Roki Japanese PE01-14-302A for 2.5L. I’d pay a couple of bucks more for Thai made Denso 1WPY-14-302 oil filter which definitely has better...
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    Drive Belt tensioner leaking at 40,700 miles per dealer

    Once something is leaking it’ll keep leaking until the fluid is below the threshold making the leakage or the fluid is almost running dry. My leaky tensioner will be replaced soon but not in a hurry. In the mean time I’m waiting for a recall happening if we’re lucky like the problematic LED...
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    CX-5 Clattering noise when accelerating

    The other possibility is the hydraulic engine mounts and / or transmission mounts which will be acceleration related. There’re problems on those mounts which were introduced for gen-2 CX-5, especially in cold weather. Do a search you’ll see although it usually causes engine vibration.