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    Max allowable CCA for a P5 battery...

    Ok, so in the last year, I've gone through several alternators and several batteries. My car was dead today. I have had to replace my battery every year for the last 3 years. I've had AcDelco until today when I got a Duralast. After doing some research on the net, one site states to never...
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    Spark plug boots slipping off coil pack...am I alone?

    Hi. Sorry to bring this up...but am I the only one having problems with spark plug wires slipping off the tapered shaft of the coil packs? Can't get the damn thing to stay on! Just slips right off.... Anybody?
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    HELP...Experiences/thoughts on using copper antisieze on caliper pins?

    Hi again! I've had my calipers replaced last December (all 4) with rebuilt calipers. After about a month, my mechanic told me the front calipers were seized and changed them again (free, of course, he's my brother-in-law). I began to question these damn rebuilts, especially since having had...
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    Please confirm wheel bearing hub part number

    Hi. Can someone give me the exact Mazda part number for our P5? I'm finding many different hubs online. 2002 MP5 rear wheel bearing complete hub assembly disc brakes with ABS THANKS!! PS: I wanted to purchase this one but realized it doesn't say ABS...
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    Recommend a JDM engine swap? Advice please.

    Hi, guys! It's time for me to have my engine replaced as I'm burning a lot of oil and have no compression. 2 pistons are leaking from the rings, the other 2 from the valves. After searching this site as I normally do, I'm no closer to deciding weather or not to go with a JDM engine. The fact...
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    Rebuilt calipers possibly rubbing need advice

    Hi again! My brother-in-law and his dad are mechanics. I always take my P5 to them for servicing. They don't try to screw me in any way, buuut...it seems every time I get something done by them, it needs to be re-done several times before it's right. And the problem doesn't seem to be their...
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    Solution + verification: Rear wiper motor dead

    Hi! I had a problem I see is common. My rear wiper turned VERY slowly one day and didn't work at all the next. Dealer wanted $300 plus taxes for a new motor. The motor would not have helped since (as it turned out) my shaft was seized. Taking things apart to inspect the motor wasn't a...
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    Question: Can something be done about the SEARCH function??

    Hi again! I've been visiting the forum for 3 years now and the one thing that's always really bugged me is the search function. I click on ADVANCED SEARCH and make sure SEARCH TITLES ONLY is selected. The problem is when I need 2 words. For example: REAR WIPER. I'll get many results...
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    Car pulls to right only on snow/ice

    Hi again! Here's my problem. The car drives perfect on dry roads. Even if braking hard. However, when driving on snow (especially deep snow), the car always pulls really hard to the right on acceleration and returns to normal when I let go of gas. So from a stop sign, I accelerate, then car...
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    Need quick help removing female of seatbelt

    Hi. I can't seem to remove the plastic shell that covers the bolt holding the female part of the driver seatbelt (the clicker). I searched the forum and also the PDF manual but nothing. I need to replace mine because it broke. Can anybody help?? THANKS!
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    Any guides to changing valve stem seals?

    Hi. My seals are leaking and my mechanic (brother-in-law) told me that he's unable to change the seals without removing the head. Is there any way around this? Any guides for our P5? THANKS!
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    Power locks working intermittently

    ok, i DID search the boards, but never found an actual solution to this. On occassion, all 4 power locks fail to operate. I have an after-market alarm. When I press my alarm remote to lock the doors, the horn sounds, but the doors don't lock. Yesterday, the locks didn't work at all for a few...
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    Low power, then brake lights, then won't start

    Hey there. Need help. Please give me your input. Here's what happened: - drove for about 20 minutes - noticed at one point car was barely moving when giving gas - looked at dash, brake lights where on - i pulled over and checked handbrake (was off) - decided to shut the engine off for a few...
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    About to stall for a split second

    Hi! Need help with a small problem. I just had an oil change and replaced my spark plugs with NGK Iridium spark plugs. Everything went well for a few days. Then, I noticed that the car would shake just once as if to stall. This would happen roughly every 5-10 minutes. This shudder occurs...
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    Solution To Flickering Fan Speed 2 Or 3 A/c

    Hi. I just posted a follow-up to this problem/solution here: http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showt...50#post3911050 I tried to create a new thred here in the how-to section, but was not able to with my account. Hope this helps you guys!