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Recent content by venom21

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    Car and Driver 10 Best 2020

    Good luck with that, the dealer is going to mug you, stab you, poison you, drown you, shoot you and then set you on fire on the trade-in valuation
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    2020 due?

    Here is a 2020 GT: https://www.citymazdachicago.com/new/Mazda/2020-Mazda-Mazda+CX-5-874e49960a0e0ae8703b0236fdca17fb.htm
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    302hp RAV4

    39 miles of electric range with no loss of cargo space as well. Impressive.
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    CX-5 Refresh

    I'd settle for a 360 surround camera (which is already availble in some markets), and full LEDs all around.
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    2019 CX-5 Diesel

    $5000CAD more than the Turbo, pushing $50000 Canadian in the lowest taxed province (Alberta). You got to be kidding me, they even know its ridiculous because they are offering 2yrs free maintenance and $300 worth of accessories as an incentive before its even out.
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    Delayed Mazda3 Sport Delivery / Pickup?

    I just used the unhaggle.com template which shows a full breakdown of the costs and the average dealer profit in my area (around 5%) I asked for 4% and they agreed to it to earn my business.
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    Delayed Mazda3 Sport Delivery / Pickup?

    I got $1437.24 off without any incentives and they also weren't pushy with the extras either. If you are in the GTA you could probably push for more since there are way more dealers than in Alberta.
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    Delayed Mazda3 Sport Delivery / Pickup?

    Whelp, I just put down a deposit for a Sport GT AWD, the c-pillar honestly didn't bother me as much as I expected. Managed to get a decent discount although all Sport GT AWD are factory order at the moment in Canada so it looks like I'll be waiting a month or two for the car. Decided on the new...
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    Delayed Mazda3 Sport Delivery / Pickup?

    Any idea when the AWD models will hit showrooms in Canada? All we've gotten so far is the FWD ones.
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    How to reset tire monitoring system on 2018 cx9

    From the owner's manual:
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    2016 Grand Touring LED upgrade

    I preordered the VLEDS Triton V6 and should ship next week. Supposed to be a pretty good package and takes up less space than the V3s.
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    Recommendation for winter wheel size

    The manual says the recommend taking it to Mazda to adjust the sensor id so it recognizes the new tires. You can also do it by yourself which involves turning the car on and off, waiting 15mins, then driving above 16km/h or something for 10mins. I tried that and it didn't work. A button is...
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    Recommendation for winter wheel size

    2018s don't have the tpms button, its all internal.
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    Recommendation for winter wheel size

    Got these boots put on, Factory M008 "19, Nokian R2 255/55/R19s. Looks decent, TPMS won't work till I get the summers back on however.
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    New Mazda Mobile Start

    I got the new remote starter kit C960-V7-620A from the dealer for my 18......aaaaand it doesn't work. So they are going to take it in and have it looked at.