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    The end has come!

    So yesterday sold off our Mazda 5. After 6.5 years and 140,000 km of mostly trouble free ownership the day has come to say good bye. My daughter was crying yesterday evening and a little bit this morning, says she missed the car already. We have not found a replacement just yet, borrowing...
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    2006 mazda 5 2.0 smoking

    Hope someone from Europe can help, we don't get diesel in US/Canada. Sounds bad as you can hear ppl coughing like crazy in the back.
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    Attaching a Pararomic rear view mirror?

    Get a smaller mirror? I'm not sure there is much work around when the item does not fit in the space provided..
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    The 100K (Mile or Kilometer) Mazda5 Club

    re-joining the club :) Before joined 100k km club, now 100k miles club :)
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Depends how it squeaks. If on bumps, either the shocks or the shock mounts or both need to be replaced, if when braking, could be the pads. Also check the bushings and splay some WD40 or similar.
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    Mazda 3/5 Similarities [interchangeable parts]

    Some are same, some are different. 5 is not a mod friendly car, get something else if you are into heavy mods and don't want to be the only one doing it :) When you say parts, do you need to repair things or just looking to spend money on stuff for the fun of it? when looking for parts, easy...
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    This could be a dead O2 or a bad/corroded wire/connector. If the wiring is ok, I'd just swap the sensor out. Do it on the warm engine, but not hot, just enough to warm up the sensor but not burn your hands on the exhaust. I've not had to do it on a 5 yet, but plenty on others. I usually stick...
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    The 100K (Mile or Kilometer) Mazda5 Club

    (pics) (drive)
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    TPMS light came on and sound heard briefly! No TPMS?

    Hi, Im not sure where you are located. In USA, your car would have it in 2013, in Canada it most likely had it in 2013, other locations I'm not sure. Light comes on when your tire pressure is low, also when it looses communication with sensors and they need to be replaced. Costco is a tire...
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    TPMS light came on and sound heard briefly! No TPMS?

    Whole TPMS unit needs to be replaced. I'd go to Costco if you have membership, they seem to do it for cheap. Or just wait till when you need to replace tires anyway, nothing wrong with checking tire pressure manually. This is a dealer only service item, as tires need to be removed and...
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    TPMS light came on and sound heard briefly! No TPMS?

    I think USA cars came with TPMS from 2010 or so.. Just check your tire pressure. Also with age, batteries in them die and require replacement.
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    Mazda Maintenance Guide: Brake Fluid Exchange, AT Fluid, PS Fluid - none for US?

    They are "life time" fluids. So for the life of the tranny you don't needs to change fluid. The life of the tranny might be short because you did not change fluid, but the fluid will last the life time of the tranny. (loser)
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    Checking Engine Oil after overnight!

    I always check the level next day after the oil change just to make sure that did not stuff the during the change. This way you know that you have a good start, if much time has gone by, you can't tell if it is the car that eats oil or the guy did not add enough. Engines usually burn a bit of...
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    Tranny Fluid level with cold engine?

    tranny fluid should be checked with engine warm and running. Drive the car for like 15-20 minutes, stop and check with the car in park. The level should be between the two lines, but not much over the top, if it is an inch over, I'd get them to suck it out or find a different place for your...