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    Car battery dying already>?

    I had all kinds of trouble with my OEM battery last winter. I thought seriously about replacing it with a heavy duty battery, that works well in cold climates and for people like me who don't drive every day. But I didn't pull the trigger, in part because I couldn't stop thinking I should...
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    Applying dash preservative

    Clever solution, thanks. That spot is tough. My usual solution is to push a folded microfiber there but then I inevitably get some 303 (or Optimum Protectant Plus, another product I have been enjoying) on the windshield. (Sorry for the belated reply, I've been behind in my reading.)
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    Dealer scratched and dinged my CX7 (McDonald Mazda)

    I really hope it works out for you and they make it right. I too suggest that once it is resolved, you don't go back. I don't see how they can really ever regain your trust. They just don't deserve it, even if they try to redeem themselves a bit here. After I had had my cx-7 for less than...
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    Love my FOGS

    That is truly sharp. I N.V. your CX-7 all the more! Nice work.
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    Will Not Be Getting Another CX7

    I love the 3s as well, but I need the ground clearance and AWD offered by the CX-7. If my budget were tighter & I drove more, I might weigh it differently, but I am happy pay the extra in gas to have the style and joy of driving the CX-7 as opposed to something tamer like the CR-V.
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    Dog Guard

    that was a really helpful how to post. Thanks so much. Looks like it will work well. If I had a dog I'd be in line for one.
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    Big problem with my CX7. Spark plug Fouled. Help

    I'll take the Alaska cue. I'm using Chevron's 90 octane (the highest we can get here). Most of my drives are short and I have cold weather much of the year. With that, my CX-7 is still fun to drive and responsive. I do warm up the car and suffer especially crummy mileage in the winter, but...
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    Winter tire thread :)

    You all are making me darn happy with your answers to my questions!! Thanks so much everyone! I can't believe I'm this happy about spending a bunch of money on tires. :)
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    Winter tire thread :)

    I think you all have convinced me to get some new tires, probably the Nokian WR for SUVs if I can find them here. I don't drive much generally (I walk a mile and half to work instead for fun and fitness), but I have had a couple of slides while running errands (& driving slowly) this winter...
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    My CX-7's gear box would not shift for some reasons.

    Does your AT light come on too? Or maybe that's coming. My car started acting up this spring and it culminated in my getting towed to the dealer. It got stuck in 3rd gear and would not budge. It turned out my TCM failed. Once they got the part in, it was an easy fix and I've had no...
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    Clean door panel on my CX7

    Ditto. 303 rules.
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    Know A Good Interior Dash/Door Cleaner?

    I am a huge 303 fan as well. Along with keeping the dash & other interior surfaces looking sharp, since I started using it regularly, I haven't had any trouble with folks leaving scuff marks on the door threshholds. That used to drive me crazy. I keep a dry microfiber in the console for...
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    Stainless Steel Door Scuff Plates

    that is really nice indeed. I'm gonna have to go out and open my doors and imagine them there on mine. I suspect an order is in my future too. thanks for great heads up and pics. .
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    Paint silver trim chrome

    I have the same question. I scratched the same area with the hose from the vacuum at the ar wash. (Now I put down a towel.)
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    New car

    Welcome & congrats on the great choice. I have the same color combo and it makes me smile every time I even look at it; driving, it's times 10.