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    Escort 8500 Installed

    Not to hijack the thread, but speaking of V1 -- I went on a little trip last weekend and took my v1 with me. The Laser alert kept going off, to the point where it the radar detector basically became unusable. I assume its from some distance measuring thingy in the mirror area, since the alerts...
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    Over reacting?

    Is this a "defect" big enough that it should have been disclosed by the seller/dealer? If so, can you return the car based on that?
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    Infotainment Touch Screen Access In-Motion

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    Infotainment Touch Screen Access In-Motion

    There's a hack for the infotainment system available that takes care of that for you...
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    Cargo & kid-hauling with the CX-5. Ned experience from current owners

    Before you pull the trigger there, talk to the installer -- not the dealer -- about color options. If you just go for the "OEM match" you will get the "Sand" equivalent (I think they call it "Putty"); that was a bit of a surprise for me, since I expected to get the "Parchment" [equivalent] I...
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    Cargo & kid-hauling with the CX-5. Ned experience from current owners

    As I said, about a grand for the CX-5 depending on your negotiating skills and various design/stitching options. That includes all seats, headrests and door panels. I had never heard of Katzkin before, but apparently they do some work for most OEMs, so the fit and color matches (other colors...
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    Cargo & kid-hauling with the CX-5. Ned experience from current owners

    If you want leather seats ask your dealer about Katzkin seats. About a grand (includes the door panels), color will match OEM, and I think their leather is actually better quality than the factory leather, so it should hold up longer. Installation takes a day, so I had them do it the day...
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    Can Anyone explain how to get info hack script to initiate

    There is some issue or another with the Windows carriage return if you edit/save the file in notepad or some other program (the infortainment system is Unix- or Linux-based). If that's what you did then that's probably why it's not working.
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    Should I keep it?

    My $0.02 -- buy out the lease if it is really such a good deal, keep it for the time being and then see either (a) what's new for 2017 or (b) what kind of deals you can get on the 2016 close-outs, and if you decide that either option is worth it to you, trade in the 2013 model...
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    Cargo Cover

    As someone who has been involved in a roll-over accident in a CX-5 I can tell you that anything that keeps the contents of your trunk from becoming projectiles is a must-have accessories...
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    2016 Mazda CX-5 Earns "Superior" Rating from IIHS

    I wonder if they did their tests with the US rear head-rests or the non-US spec ones. ;)
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    Cheap eBay aesthetics

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    2016 Mazda CX-5--WHAT DO YOU NOT LIKE?

    This is how it started; let's just say it has not got any better over the last four weeks... I'd assume they just replace the frame part around the screen.
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    2016 Mazda CX-5--WHAT DO YOU NOT LIKE?

    What I learned to dislike this summer is the fact that the vinyl cover around the infotainment screen apparently cannot deal with the heat in Texas. It started getting "bubbly" and loose around the edges where it's connecting to the rest of the dashboard. It's a warranty item, so they will...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Have you thought about getting the Touring with Tech Package and then upgrading the seats to leather? That's what I did; gave me everything I wanted without having to pay extra for GT features I did not need/want and not having 19" wheels will be cheaper in the long-run, too.