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    My solutions to phone placement dilemma in new CX-5 (Photos)

    I have this one, and it works great. I didn’t like the clip on type since I have a larger phone. Square Jellyfish Car Mount Cell Phone Holder | Premium Quality Car Vent Phone Mount
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    CX-5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

    1.) I just setup my appt to get it done for my 2018 cx-5, and they quoted $499. This Bay Area, CA. 2-4.) I'm setting up Apple Play. Sorry, I don't know know.
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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    Screen protector ... I guess while the screen is new. I never touch it, but hey why not?
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    Trunk organizing accessory

    I saw the mesh version, it decided that minimizing visual clutter would be better.
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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    Just got my cup magnetic phone mount. Cups holders aren’t in the ideal place for this accessory. I had a CD slot version of this before.. and well.. we don’t got those any more :/
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    Armrest storage box

    Mine arrived today, here’s a pic. I’ll let you know how useful it actually is.
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    Mazda CX-5 2018 - Key Fob covers

    BTW, you shouldn't post pictures of your keys, a copy can be made. Maybe take down your post, and repost without a picture?
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    Mazda CX-5 2018 - Key Fob covers

    Yeah, totally not necessary. But I kinda went all in on buying accessories for my new car... see my other posts.
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    Trunk organizing accessory

    It’s not a ton of storage, but it does hold several things rolling around in the back like a portable jump pack and some windshield cleaning wipes.
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    Trunk organizing accessory

    This thing seems to be a good addition to he CX-5 trunk. Since the trunk isn’t too deep it’s actually reachable. I also got one for my wife’s Q7 and the trunk is too deep to each without crawling in, it will be used for more permanent storage like extra wiper fluid umbrellas, etc. YoGi Prime...
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    Mazda CX-5 2018 - Key Fob covers

    Just got these today. They fit very nicely and they feel soft in hand. Amazon link below. The rings are thicker and you can see the key rings stretched out a bit so I’m going to have to find rings with less metal memory. Qty(2) Alegender Full protector Silicone Smart Key Fob Cover Case...
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    Mazda CX-5 front USB not for charging phones

    The sales dude at Oaktree Mazda confirmed that with me when I bought the car two weeks ago. I mentioned that the Mazda press lease wasn’t explicit about the CX-5, and that other models were mentioned, but not the cX-5. He said yes, July-ish. It wasn’t clear if it was a free or pay for...
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    Just bought 2018 CX-5 GT w/premiu pkg - Beware of dealer installed hitch!

    Just got my hitch installed by the dealer on Friday. They appear to have done good work. I showed this horror story to Teh tech rep and he said that was terrible and they too would have replaced the bumper. Here are some pictures.