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Recent content by tommy.gunzz.395

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    Pioneer compatible Sirius satellite radio tuner

    Comes with antenna and all cables. Asking $50 or best offer plus shipping If needed
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    Got a 1990 miata

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase. I'd like to help with starting point but I am also a noob. Bought my 90 Miata a few weeks ago. I've done a complete exhaust from headers all the way to the muffler. I think suspension is going to be the main focus though as I feel that's what most Miata...
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    Stock 90 Miata complete exhaust system

    Just replaced the entire exhaust system with aftermarket. Selling the manifold, downpipe, and catback. I'll post pics when I get home. $50 each for manifold and downpipe and $100 for the catback. If you want pics you can also text me at 252-622-5344. Very flexible on the price. Just trying to...
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    Uh-oh...something doesn't seem right

    So I went out to the Miata to go to school and as soon as I started her up I knew something was wrong. When I started driving something was making an awful racket and rattling like crazy. Thank god for the ST otherwise I probably wouldn't be at school today. I'm gonna dive into it when I get...
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    Steering wheel adapters

    I'm looking to get an aftermarket wheel for my 90 Miata. Where can I find something about what hubs can be used or will work
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    First Miata.....1990 1.6 5-speed

    Well first off I believe that the age of the car is different depending on the state to qualify for those plates. And then on top of that is all the regulations about how far you can drive it or what you can use it for. And I believe there is still a registration fee but it should only be one...
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    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Just finished installing headers and cat back exhaust
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    First Miata.....1990 1.6 5-speed

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and wanted to introduce my new Miata. It's my first Miata but not my first mazda. I'm looking forward to digging in to her and having fun.