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    Recommendation for car ramps?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good set of ramps?
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    Would you be concerned about this amount of rust?

    As mentioned by another poster, spray fluid film every couple years. The stuff is great. It sticks to the frame and then dirt sticks to it creating a rust proof type of barrier. Farmers have been using it for a long time. I use it now and it does work.
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    2020 Signature: How long for your seat warmer to get warm?

    depends on how much padding you have.. I can feel it in a few minutes
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    Simplified. What percentage off the CX-5 sticker?

    the problem with % off MSRP is that some also add in other incentives(loyalty, cash,ect) in figuring their % off.
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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    but it was $5-6k more
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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    why would a 2 year old give the driver and front seat passenger less elbow room? I see very little space difference and issues with 2 kids in the back..plenty of room.
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    New CX-5 with a cracked windshield

    same highway, different direction
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    New CX-5 with a cracked windshield

    no, the original cracked windshield has not been replaced yet, on order..OEM. This crack is on driver's side edge. So strange, looks to be same location, opposite side. First Pic is new crack, 2nd pic is crack that happened about 2 weeks ago. What are the odds of 2 rocks hitting the very edge...
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    New CX-5 with a cracked windshield

    update: windshield being replaced Saturday..BUT on the way to work this morning the exact same thing happened on the driver's side, a crack on the edge. She said she wasn't behind any trucks and no road work going on. Seems odd that it could happen 2 times in 2 weeks and both cracks starting on...
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    2019 CX-5 clock issue

    clock is 3 hours ahead after sitting overnight. It corrects, but then displays wrong time again next morning. This just started happening 4 days ago. thoughts? edit: also noticed with GPS sync checked, the time was off by 1 hour with settings on Eastern US and daylight savings checked. When I...
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    New CX-5 with a cracked windshield

    For $18 more a year, my D can get 0 deductible for glass. She drives mostly highway and it seems maybe the glass cracks more easily than it should. I've had multiple rocks make a small star size crack over the years on various vehicles, but never spread. Maybe it was just bad luck, but $18 more...
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    New CX-5 with a cracked windshield

    JMO, but $500 is high for deductible on comprehensive.