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    Exclusive Mods Trim in Japan for 2019 CX-3

    Here's a photo. It looks the same to me:
  2. 2019CX3Armrest.jpg


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    Exclusive Mods Trim in Japan for 2019 CX-3

    The armrest doesn't creak on my 2019 CX-3.
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    CX-3 owners, what do you love and hate about it?

    I love the styling and handling of the CX-3. Gas mileage is right around 29 mpg for my AWD and is a giant leap over the 16 mpg I was getting in my 2010 CX-9. Space is at a premium, but since it's mostly just me in the car, that's not an issue. The engine can be a bit buzzy, but I think that adds...
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    2020 Jan map available...

    I had the exact same issue updating my SD card over the weekend. I have Xfinity internet service and it turns out they have a new "Advanced Security" feature that blocked the maps download, marking it as a suspicious site. Once I turned off the "Advanced Security" the download worked without issue.
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    2007~2015 Goodbye to my CX-9

    It's with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my trusty 2010 CX-9 Sport. It had been an exceptional vehicle and I will miss it dearly. But with the family grown, there was no need to have a big, thirsty, three-row SUV. So on Saturday, I traded it in on a new vehicle - a 2019 Mazda CX-3...
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    How-To program Mazda CX-9 auto door locks (speed or gear activated)?

    The instructions are posted a few threads up...
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    New CX-9 owner, question about sidde view mirrors

    My 2010 Sport has heated mirrors (came with the auto-dimming rearview mirror), but they both look the same. I'm at work, but if my memory is correct, I think the passenger mirror is original and the driver's side has been replaced.
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    Cx-9 Floormats

    I have carpeted and all-weather mats and the install location is listed on the back side of each mat.
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    How many miles did the OEM (factory) tires last on your CX-9?

    Just over 45,000 miles and still going. I have them rotated every oil change (5000 miles) and last inspection I was told tires are at 50% (whatever that means). I haven't had an alignment yet and like you, I'm waiting until I get new tires to do that.
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    Spent most of the week driving a 2013 CX-9 Sport....

    Glad to hear the surgery went well! I have a 2010 Sport and I agree that it is very nice for the bottom model. Mine came with a few more options: power driver's seat, heated front seats, heated mirrors, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, rear-view camera, all-weather floor mats, and rear bumper...
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    Doors locking??

    My 2010 does. It's fun to watch the kids run to the car when I tell them they have 30 seconds before it re-locks...
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    Headlight bell

    That's really odd. My 2010 Sport has the headlight chime.
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    Climate control AUTO ON issue

    Thought about this post this morning. Outside temperature was 74 and the climate control was set to auto and 72. At start up, recirculate was active and after a few minutes, the recirculate shut itself off. My guess is that when the interior temperature setting is close to the outside temp...