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Recent content by thaxman

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    What size are the front and rear rotors?

    I picked up a 1st gen Mazda6 wagon, and the rotors, esp rears, look tiny. W/o removing wheels, they look like 11" up front and 10.5" in the back. The rotors in the Mazda5 seemed much larger and to fill the 17" wheel almost entirely. OK, so if they ARE bigger, any idea if they can be swapped out?
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    6 speed AT in 1st gen

    I understand this is an AW tranny that takes a different fluid than the near-universal Dextron/Mercon or Type-F. I also have heard its not pink. Is there any instance it would be pink? Besides when someone puts the wrong stuff in, I mean?
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    05 Mazda6 GT wagon

    Not a whole lot of 1st gen owners around here anymore?
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    05 Mazda6 GT wagon

    Looking at one of these. 204K miles. Any common issues to be aware of or look out for? I posted in the suspension/brakes forum because the LF bearing howls so loudly that I cannot hear if there are any other bad sounds. Hence, I am asking for clues to other issues since I can't hear them...
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    Wheel bearing

    Lost 2 cars in 1 incident Saturday, so I just looked at an 05 Mazda6 GT wagon. Immediately clear was that it needs a LF wheel bearing. It was so loud that I couldn't hear anything else so I don't know if there are any other issues with the 204,000 mile car. It looks like these need to be...
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    Looking into picking up a CX-9

    Been gone for a year and a half since I handed the keys to the MAzda5 over to the MIL. Anyway, I see an 08 Touring within my search radius and I have to ask is the first couple years as bad as the 06-07 Mazda5s were?
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    New to the Mazda5

    I had packed 4 kids into mine all the way until last year, or a good 7 years. With all the seats up, road trips are not really an easy adventure, but its great getting around town, and the MT gets better city mpgs than pretty much any other 6+seater, so when its full, the cost per person is...
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    Need to sell the Mazda5

    OK, I have to sell my 06 MT. Moving across the country and not enough drivers to get all the vehicles there. Kinda sucks because I have a real appreciation for this thing even though it is moderately underpowered. Brand new clutch, too. Sucks.
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    What is this thing?

    Alright then. Note to self: leave it tied up and out of the way. Anyone know where I can get a replacement fender liner CHEAP?
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    Lug Nuts for Steel Wheels

    There are 2 types of lug nuts: acorn and round seat. The round seat ones are rounded where they meet the wheel and are AFAIK exclusively Honda OEM. Everyone else uses acorn nuts except Ford F-150s in the early mid-90s when they tried hub-centric wheels, which was very short-lived. You will be...
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    What is this thing?

    First of all, we need a chassis/body subforum. But since this is about something close to the RF wheel, I think this is as close as I can get. My MIL had the Mazda5 and something about grandkids, a telephone pole used as a parking block and mumble mumble, I learn that the front bumper cover got...
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    Dead battery, alternator, starter?

    Any other simultaneous symptoms that might point to the fuel filter or pump? Hesitation, etc?
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    Just bought a 5 with 120k miles and no service history, what should I worry about?

    Pretty sure the 06-10 Sports had an exterior package that would add at least the side valences and a Touring tailgate which is where the spoiler comes from. I have a Sport with the valence, tailgate, fogs and moonroof, but black mirror caps and manual climate control, and no karubuki console in...
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    Anyone Need Parts?

    How much?
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    2012 Mazda 5 Transmission fluid . Simple question

    Silent, He mentioned the dark fluid, which when paired with Mercon, meeans he MOST LIKELY read the dipstick, which the MTX doesn't have. I'm surprised, as you are generally really good reading btw the lines.