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    Anti-glare coating peeling off

    I have a 2017 CX-9 and the screen is now covered for a total of 7yrs (4yrs extended) should the screen have that spider web cracking or anti glare peeling off...received the letter from Mazda about the extended warranty so not really worried about mine
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    2016~2021 Android phone won't connect to CX-9

    Make sure you allow android auto in your Samsung Galaxy under settings that way when you plug in the car via USB it’ll recognize it.
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    Some new owner observations - 2021 CX-9

    It’s where the button or shift lock is located to manually unlock the shifter from P to R to N in case car needs to get towed (in case the car doesn’t start up).
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    CX-5 Beauty Shot Thread

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    2021 Vs. 2019-2020 CX-9

    Very nice!
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    Covid procedures for maintenance and vehicle well being

    Your best bet and defence would be to drive the car around at least once a week for 20-30mins when really cold outside to let the engine reach optimal temp, burn off any condensation that accumulated within the engine and to recharge the battery...all this while maintaining a higher than normal...
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    CX-5 Beauty Shot Thread

    @ZuluCX Are those 17” or 18” wheels? The M011 in gun metal look sleek and awesome!
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    My CX-9 Could not handle snow

    I think this traction assist button is similar to Subaru’s X-mode...
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    Dealer wouldn't let me test drive the turbo

    Good luck finding the ”perfect” car out there as there isn’t any unless you have one custom-built from the factory to your exact specs and liking or you yourself build one. Manufacturers build them to cater to the majority of customers’ demands and wants and implement the specs and features to...
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    Some new owner observations - 2021 CX-9

    The split opening console was copied from Mercedes...the other advantage of the split opening is the rear passengers can also grab something from behind vs the upright opening although majority of consoles designed to open upright
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    What's your winter rim/tire setup?

    Nokian WRG3 SUV all-weather tires (235 55 R20 on OEM wheels)...Had to change the tires from the OEM specs of 255 50 R20 due to the availability of the Nokians but they were within the +/- 3% tolerance for overall diameter.
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    My CX-9 Could not handle snow

    It’s possibly a FWD with bad all season tires and maybe TCS button off...
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    2016~2021 Mazda navigation SD card

    If you are backing up a new or uninserted SD card to the Nav slot, I believe you can’t back it up using Mazda toolbox on the computer. The card has to be inserted first and car driven for few kms in order for the card to lock in with the vehicle. After which you can only back it up...the...
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    2021 CX-9 GT - No nav SD card included?

    You can still claim the SD card with them as that should’ve come standard with your purchase. Since you already bought via eBay then you can ask them to maybe exchange the cost of the SD card for a different accessory (worth $400-500?)...
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    2021 CX-9 GT - No nav SD card included?

    Actually, after doing a little bit of digging up, 2021 GTs in USA includes the Nav...screenshot of their press kit from Mazda USA. It is likely the dealer forgot to insert the SD card in the slot during PDI. I would go after that for sure with dealer as it’s almost a $500 cost that’s supposed...