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Recent content by tatsuprotege

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    Is Mazda's upcoming CX-30 on your shopping list?

    Aloha from Hawaii! It's been ages since I wrote, but my Protege recently turned 18 and my 2011 Mazda2 is my daily driver and is 8 years old. I will be considering the CX-30 since the CX3 is off my Mazda2 and I've noticed the tight room all around when I looked at it at the car show. IMO the...
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    Has the 2 ever been featured or tested in any magazines?

    I first read up on the 2011 Mazda2 in the September 2010 edition of Car & Driver where they compared it with a Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit. It was the touring edition and 6 months later I bought my Mazda2 touring.
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    No more "MyMazda" support for mazda2 in US?

    I never got a reply from Mazda but the system finally listed the Mazda2 again so I reentered everything and all seemed to work. Now my 2001 Protege has been ruled as an non existent model. Oh well....
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    No more "MyMazda" support for mazda2 in US?

    Yes, same with me only my 2001 Protege is listed and all service records are gone for my 2 too. I wrote to them and they replied that it's a system error and will look into it. That was a week ago. Sad
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    No New Mazda2 for the United States

    Hi, To add misery to insult, I use the www.mymazda.com site to track my mileage, service performed and all of a sudden my Mazda2 is no longer listed. So I thought that I had to reenter it as an add vehicle but the menu no longer has the model listed and when I keyed in my VIN number, it came...
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    window visors anyone?

    My Protege has the window visors from www.mats.com and they don't use tape as you work it into the channel. After 12 years they have held up from day one. However, they do not have it for our Mazda2 but there is a request form so maybe if enough of us request it, they will make it. They are...
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    Ford Fiesta Recall But Hope Not Our Mazda

    Today's news has the Ford Fiesta being recalled for a side airbag issue. Although our Mazda2 is loosely based platform wise and made in Japan versus Mexico, do you think we are ok? I'm thinking (and hoping) we are.
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    Window Rain Visors?

    Hi Everyone, Agreed on the 3M double sided tape, but my Protege has the visors from McNeil Industries, the ones that have a big ad in Motor Trend and Car & Driver. They fit in the channel so no tape is used and 10 years and counting its still great! But they don't have it available for our M2...
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    Post Pics of your Mazda2 / Demio

    Thanks, IMO liquid silver is an awesome color, the color choices are rather limited anyway for now, but I did always like silver. The tint was just completed and maybe mud guards will be next but that's about the extent of it so it will be mostly stock.
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    Post Pics of your Mazda2 / Demio

    Proud Mazda2 Owner Aloha from Hawaii everyone, I am a proud owner of a liquid silver Mazda2 Touring AT, the picture shows him upon arrival at the dealership from the dock. Named Junior, he didn't have to spend anytime on display at the showroom, he went directly to me! He joins my other...