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    The Mental Addiction Conversion Begins!!!

    I used to have one his blocks in my MP3. He had quality parts, just ran down the typical Protege aftermarket we seemed to get back then. Decent parts, overwhelming order response, fall behind, take money then disappear leaving people out with no money and no parts.
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    You can run out of things to put on to keep warm. If you are still cold after that, too bad. I can live in the heat much easier.
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    See, that's the problem for me. I have to be out in it most nights. Don't get me wrong, I like it here, I just like warmer weather better.
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    I know...I just don't like it. That's part of the reason I moved to Florida.
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    Why is the weather so back and forth this year? From -8* F back up 52* F in just a few days...
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    Mazda Protege Turbo Kit

    Um, no...The BEGI RRFPR is not good for that boost on the Protege and that kit. Eight psi is really pushing it. Six psi is the highest Flyin' Miata would go with this set up. That intercooler will be hard pressed to handle much more than nine psi, and the turbo will never hold together for...
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    Considering a Move

    I lived in Colorado since 1989. About two years ago I moved to Florida (long story) and now I'm back in Colorado. The cost of living in the Denver Metro area worked out to be about the same as the Daytona Beach area. Housing is still in a bit of a slide for the Denver area but should level...
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    just moved to co

    Yeah, what he said! I just moved back to Colorado from Florida...I never knew there was a Colorado specific Mazda board before I left. PS - Moved to Highlands Ranch until I find more permanent housing.
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    JL Audio CleanSweep?

    I looked at the Alpine options as well. I liked the idea of the microphone to help set up timing and all of that, but the reviews I saw didn't think very highly of it. I also liked that some of the Alpine options allowed additional features to be easily added.
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    JL Audio CleanSweep?

    I'm still thinking. Budget recently got super tight, so this is a back burner.
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    JL Audio CleanSweep?

    Cool, thanks.
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    JL Audio CleanSweep?

    Hey everybody: I'm getting tired of the stock stereo. I've been looking at my options, and I was thinking of going in the CleanSweep direction instead of a whole new head unit and dash kit. I've looked at one of the Alpine options and the Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty option as well. Reviews on...
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    Central Florida Members

    Resting after PRI
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    Member Pics II

    WOOHOO! JDM-P5 is gonna buy a farm!! How much land you lookin' at? Are you gonna raise some animals or just crops?