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    JDM rear low profile headrests

    When I ordered the headrests for my Signature (brown leather) on Dec 18, they were backordered (as was stated on JapanParts product listing). I got my shipping notice on Jan17.
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    Oil change drama

    What's the difference btwn drum and bulk? Maybe bulk is like a case of single qts/lts? Anyway, no moly version of 5W30. I'll stick with LiquiMoly.
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    What's the least expensive way to get a working spare key fob?

    I've attached one of these to all of my keys (two cars - both sets) I bought the 4-pack when it was on sale. Tile Key Finder Besides finding misplaced keys from my phone, I can also find my phone using my keys. There are similar products that are cheaper. One extra feature I like is when...
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    How in God’s name do you disable the auto-folding mirrors?

    I live in central Florida, so freezing isn't my concern. But I plan on keeping this CX5 until the wheels fall off (maybe 15 years). So my main concern is reliability and wear&tear on a vital component. I've been driving for over 50 years and I can not remember one time where I thought "gee, I...
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    Mazda CX-5 Interior Headliner Color

    To me it feels just the opposite. Plus it feels more luxurious. To each his own.
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    Battery CCA rating for OEM 2019 cx5 signature

    was gonna suggest licking a thumb & touching the "-" post, then licking the "+" post with his tongue. But that might cause a spark and ignite all the alcohol he'd have to of been drinking.
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    Battery CCA rating for OEM 2019 cx5 signature

    I don't have a use for one either, but for $13.49, I figured it would, some day, come in handy. That was sandiegocx5 with the Solar BA7.
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    Battery CCA rating for OEM 2019 cx5 signature

    Wow, I bought my Schumacher BTF-250 for $13.49 on clearance at Lowes about 2 yrs ago. Its been sitting on the workbench gathering dust. I didn't even know how to use it until this thread motivated me.
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    Battery CCA rating for OEM 2019 cx5 signature

    Another data point. I read 525 CCA on my 2019 Sig using a Schumacher BT-250 Digital Battery Tester. It's the original battery with about 8500 miles on the CX5. As a test, I've got another car with a 3.5 yr old battery rated at 900 CCA. It now reads 795 (after overnight charge with a...
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    Computer records

    And it would be about the same number of letters with far more syllables. And require using a napkin to clean your chin after speaking it. Flipperwaldt gersput!
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    Help me identify this warning light!

    Zombie at 11 o'clock!
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    Mazda CX-5 Interior Headliner Color

    This works only if your Touring has a sunroof.
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    Oil change drama

    5W-30. Yes, you missed the turbo part of this thread.
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    2019 CX-5 signature first oil change - conventional or synthetic?

    Just bring 5 liters of your favorite full synthetic and tell them to use it. Of course they might just stash your oil and use the cheap crap. So use the Liqui Moly New Generation 5W-30 oil - great stuff. It is greenish because it has green UV dye which is intended to help trace leaks. But it can...
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    2017~2020 clear service reminder?

    I tried resetting again using a double tap of "Start" and it worked fine. In my previous tries I only pressed "Start" once to bring-up the Entertainment system screen - where I had access to the App/Vehicle Status Mon/Maintenance menus. I gotta say it certainly isn't obvious that you can't reset...