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    Anyone install Apple CarPlay themselves?

    I've also done it, twice. Once in our (sold) CX-5 and once in our CX-9. Very straightforward process as others have said. Just take it step by step.
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    Big brake upgrade (similar to brembo)

    @Silly Wabbit Is there a write up you can link to that describes how/what parts all work together? I'd be interested in at least reading up on what's involved. Thx.
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    Sunroof exploded!

    I would but we've since sold that car and moved on, so I'll just let it go.
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    Sunroof exploded!

    Glad Mazda are starting to cover this. Our sunroof exploded on our CX-5, except no one was even driving it. It was parked in the driveway, no one around, just went boom. Mazda told us to "pound sand" so we ended up replacing it ourselves. Luckily, it hasn't (yet) happened on the CX-9.
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    Big brake upgrade (similar to brembo)

    Thanks for posting that. I've also had zero luck getting anyone interested in trying to make something for this car. It's just not something most people want, apparently. I even tried to get a one off Wilwood set made, but got nowhere with that.
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    Big brake upgrade (similar to brembo)

    You're right on both counts. I do #1 all the time. Re #2, I've had the dealer check the fluid/pads, but it may be worth changing the pads myself to a more aggressive compound and flushing the fluid no matter how good it looks. At the least, that would eliminate those areas as potential...
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    Big brake upgrade (similar to brembo)

    Reviving this thread to see if Hhova29 was able to get in touch with Brembo and see what the results of that conversation might have been? I'm now in the hunt for bigger brakes as mine seem to fade every time I go to the mountains (it's happened 3 out of 3 times recently), although it drives...
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    2018 CX-9 GT - Serious Brake Fade

    Yeah, I'm pretty open to all options at this point. My main concern is just upgrading the system to avoid fade, I'm not stuck on one route or another to achieve that goal. Yeah, I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for options. Re: engine braking, I did do that in the end BUT that's not always...
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    2018 CX-9 GT - Serious Brake Fade

    I agree (that talking to Mazda will likely yield a boilerplate answer), especially since in *normal* driving conditions, the brakes seem fine. Although I don*t consider that type of driving *excessive*, I*m guessing they will state it*s beyond what they consider normal. I think I will need to...
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    2018 CX-9 GT - Serious Brake Fade

    So Im just curious if anyone else has experienced serious brake fade in their CX-9? I recently took a trip to Big Bear Lake with the family and on our way down the mountain (in traffic) I noticed the brakes starting to get quite lumpy. Theyve never felt like that before, although Ive felt this...
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    Rear pad wear surprise on a 2017 CX-9

    I*ll agree as well. My CX-5 is the same, we*re still on the original front pads and the rears have been replaced once. I just checked my CX-9 this morning because the brakes were squealing. The rears are pretty worn and the fronts look good. One very odd/interesting thing I found, one (just one)...
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    Mazda developing staight-six engines

    If this was offered in an (AWD) wagon/shooting-brake version, I'd be all over it...
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    Windshield divot and crack on 2018. Possible replacement woes?

    I had my windshield replaced earlier this year. Finding the right part seemed to be an issue for Safe-lite, but was not an issue for the dealer. They replaced it pretty quickly (within four days of my initial call) for less than $800. The windshields were hard to find earlier in the year, but...
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    Mazda Insiders Invitation

    I'm just now seeing this, and I am a part of the program. I can't see anything that has been "scam like" so far. They haven't asked me to wire them any money yet. ;-) You get a pretty cool insight into how "Mazda thinks" though, which is cool.
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Very useful information, thanks. Looks like Im out of excuses to get it done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk