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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    I haven't been on here in well......who knows how long. I'm bored and decided to log on just to see what's been going on with the MSP's left out there and who is still active on here...lol. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!
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    Is going with NOS healty for our cars?

    if you want to boost your protege, the easiest way is to find someone selling a stock MSP setup and buy it off of them. Do a DIY intercooler setup from ebay and go from there. Just a fair warning, once you boost it, you will always want more. Be sure to invest in a set of gauges, boost and...
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    AFC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library

    don't buy the software when you can just download it from the first page on this thread
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    that right rear actuator is a curse, same thing happened to mine. That grinding noise is way past annoying.
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    Lost w/ (assumed) vacuum leak

    regular seal on left, 626 on right. Don't mind the white residue, it was packaged like that. You can get them online at rock auto. Just know that will have to order a quantity of 4 as they are not packaged as a set. As far as a vac leak and the brake pedal. How's your brake booster hose look? Is...
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    Lost w/ (assumed) vacuum leak

    replace with 626 injector seals
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    Waco people

    yeah, the spicy would have been me. The protege scene is still dying in the Killeen/Ft. Hood area. I've only seen maybe 2 MSPs lately and one of them is about to sell it. But there are still a few p5's in the area, but they don't come out much. I recently spotted a blue mp3 with a DG lip on it...
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    Sparkplug gap and boosting 9psi.

    gap is fine as long as it's between .028-.032. However, you could try gapping a little closer. are you sure it's misfiring? Is it throwing a code or blinking CEL?
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    Replacing vacuum tube to wastegate

    the vacuum line? If so, that is a cheap and easy fix. Of course the stealership is going to charge that much because they are going to replace the WGA and it is around a hour plus job. The easiest way to get to it is to take the manifold, turbo and s pipe off and replace it off the car. Which...
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    new to boost. help with BOV

    Just start by getting your average bolt ons and you'll be surprised at how much louder your spool and bpv will get. I'd go that route before dumping money on a bov. Yes, they are attention grabbers. But if you just want people to know you are boosted, install a fmic and be done with it. Intake...
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    Help with some msp info

    get the vin as already stated and search here. you aren't necessarily checking vehicle history here. If you get the vin, you can use it on the thread here for production numbers and see if they are a member here. If they are, you could go to their profile and look at their threads to find more...
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    Toyota Tundra. Can't wait to get back behind the wheel of something fun though. I miss boost. lol
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    haven't been on here in quite some time!!! What's up guys!!!! lol
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    IL: Custom Fenders trade for OEM

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    AFC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library

    people were saying the same thing about win 7. when i had one, i used vista