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    2007 Mazda3 2.3L Electrical Issues

    Most likely you need a new battery. Some things to do... 1) Get the battery tested 2) Get your alternator tested
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    Manual Trans fluid recommendations

    This is what you want...
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    Side view mirror differences

    So, found out something weird today.... The plastic covers on the side view mirrors have different tabs on the inside for the body colored ones vs the plain black ones. Side view mirrors themselves are completely interchangeable jut not the plastic covers.
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    Switching out the caliper guide pin on the protege5?

    Weird in my LX it was a #8 allen.
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    2002 Protege5 JDM Engine Swap help needed

    Nice, that's the only color ND that I like.
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    Manual Trans fluid recommendations

    AFAIK this is the Ford stuff is the original MT fluid put in at the factory. Not sure how that could mess a trans up. Mine was not 'perceived' improvement. I had previously used mobile 1 synthetic fluid that met the specs in the owners manual. 2nd gear started grinding around 20 or 25k...
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    P0140 How to turn off the check engine light?

    Problem with cutting the wires is that once you do that there is no going back. I don't have a torch. Currently I get the P0140 intermittently and I am not due for emissions for over a year. So, my plan is to just leave it as is until it comes up for inspection. If it is a constant issue then...
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    Manual Trans fluid recommendations

    1) P5 manual transmission calls for same spec fluid as my NC Miata. 2) People on swear by Motorcraft MTX-75 3) I did have some 2nd gear grind in one of my P5s and using the above fluid got rid of the grind. 4) Cheapest I have found it...
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    Question about Replacing Driver's Seatbelt

    Yup, pretty easy. I think the two sides are interchangeable. But I got a driver's side from the pick and pull so I did not test that theory.
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    Question about Replacing Driver's Seatbelt

    Yeah, receiver has already been swapped out. Looks like the two sides are interchangeable.
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    P5 rough idle... Help!

    Every OBDII car needs to go through cycles to check for codes. Until all the IM monitors are set the ECU will perform slight adjustments and do OBD checks. Older cars will take longer for this process. My 02, with over 300k miles took 650 miles for all the OBD checks to complete. These cars...
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    Question about Replacing Driver's Seatbelt

    Drivers seatbelt is starting to fray on my 02 LX. Looks like I just need to remove the trim, and unbolt some bolts. Probably a good idea to disconnect the battery. Am I missing something or is it this easy?
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    P0140 How to turn off the check engine light?

    I have an 02 Socket. Started rounding the old 02 sensor with my 2 ft extension bar. Not sure how I will get it off.
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    Oil on top of valve cover...

    So, I have some oil on the top of the valve cover around one of the spark plugs. I also get some hesitation occasionally when accelerating. No codes yet. So, is it time for a new valve cover gasket? Large variation in prices on gaskets. Any brands better or worse than others?
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    P0106 MAP/Barometric Pressure Sensor

    Update - yes it was the solenoid