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    Two year extended warranty worth it?

    The "big pile of money" is the price of the warranty offered, plus interest leading up to whenever you have to spend that money (or whenever the extended warranty would have expired). Using the warranty example from the OP, that's $600 plus interest. If OP chose not to purchase the warranty...
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    Two year extended warranty worth it?

    You and I both know that the kind of person who objects to an extended warranty, would also object to bringing it to a dealer to diagnose and fix. Dealer shop rates are much higher than those of independent shops, and part/service prices are likely higher too. As a result, you'd use an...
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    Two year extended warranty worth it?

    People don't always think in terms of dollars saved. Some are comfortable paying a fee up front so that they don't have to worry about researching the issue, finding a competent shop to do the work, shopping around for best prices on parts, etc. That's the peace of mind I'm referring to.
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    ICU Nurse (and 49 others) gifted a Mazda Miata! Congratulations to Christie, who is one of 50 winners recognized by the Mazda Heroes program and a recipient of a 100th Anniversary Mazda Miata. Christie has also been awarded two Daisy Awards (a prestigious award in the nursing...
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    2021 CX-9 on

    Car looks great! Wish I had those wheels..
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    Got my 2 new CX-5s today - Kind of...

    Lol, tricky title ;) Wish I could find a car model of the 2nd gen CX-9. I had one for my 2008 IS250.
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    Two year extended warranty worth it?

    You can also buy the extended warranty and enjoy the peace of mind it might bring. Something for everyone.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Yep I did it when I was living in Calgary and bought my CX-9. Got quotes from three dealers in Calgary and one in Leduc, and I ended up going to the one in Leduc.
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    More stringent car emissions coming

    It's a good thing Mazda has a working relationship with Toyota now. Hopefully they can utilize Toyota's excellent hybrid/PHEV in future vehicles.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    I've found that the best way to negotiate for a better price is to get lower quotes from competing dealerships and use them as leverage.
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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    That's the filter used for the non-turbo engine, which is the wrong filter for your car. Another red flag - it's not likely that the service guy misreported the oil and the filter. You can politely but firmly request that they perform another oil and filter change with the correct oil and...
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    When the battery dies

    I've used the Battery Tender Plus 1.25A to recharge my CX-9's battery after accidentally leaving my dashcam on for a few days without driving it. I also carry a Li-Ion jump starter in my trunk. The carrying case is about as big as a small notebook. Very handy to have, though I haven't had to use...
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    2018 CX-9 Recall for harness concern

    After reading this thread, it doesn't sound like anyone had any issues after the recall was performed. Dealerships are not all the same - some are decent, others are terrible. You can give them the opportunity to explain the situation to you more clearly by mentioning that you've spoken with...
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    Question thread guide
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    New forum feature: Question threads!

    We've added a new forum feature: Question threads. These are threads that anyone can create if they're looking for answers or solutions. What makes them unique is the ability to "upvote" another user's (or your own) post if you think that it provides a good solution. Members can also filter the...