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    Steering Clunk Issue

    I drove with the clunk for over a year and it never got worse. A few weeks ago I posted in the thread you mentioned, with a simple fix, and it hasn't returned. Just follow those directions. The U-joint isn't causing the noise, it's the splines on the telescoping portion of the shaft. No...
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    What did you do to your Mazda2 today?

    Looking forward to it. I was looking at dashcams this morning. Deciding between the tried and true cheap option, G1W-CB or the high end Street Guardian.
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    Lowest offset for a 15x8

    On CS springs and Koni Str.t dampers my rear 205/50R15 RE11-As would rub on big bumps and dips. Wheels were 15x7 +30 Kosei K1s. I didn't find out until I hit a big bump on the freeway. Sliced my tires and ruined my rear fenders.
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    *** Everyone with steering clunk - read this ***

    The clunk hasn't returned on mine. It's hard to believe it can be this simple of a fix. I don't know if it was the re-greasing of the tilting mechanism or the re-tightening of the joints, it seems to work. If people aren't passing safety inspections you'd think there's something else going on...
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    Which oil filter to upgrade to - M2 2010 1.5

    Good to hear about your testing with the PureOne. Been running that since I changed the factory fill. All of my online research pointed to it being a great filter plus I like the grippy coating for ease of installation/removal.
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    Best UK road legal bulbs 2010 Mazda 2

    I've been running the Osram Rallye headlight bulbs and H9 fog lights since I bought the car back in 2011. No issues with a 10w bump. This was the first video that popped up on the youtube search: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mrbdQmck7E However I have to add that I don't recommend using a...
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    Best UK road legal bulbs 2010 Mazda 2

    Eh, that's all marketing. They don't output a brighter light, just whiter. If you want to increase the brightness go with the Osram Rallye 70/65W or the Hella +50% 1895 lumen Xenon. As for the fog lights the only real upgrade is to modify an H9 to fit the H11 socket. It's an upgrade because the...
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    ZPS Build Thread

    I see, thanks. Maybe my peeve isn't throttle related. The car always feels fine at speed but if I come up to a stop sign and quickly try to get back on the gas it takes ages to accelerate. It's a similar feeling to a car pulling timing. Really annoying.
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    Bay Area CA - $200 - Koni Str-t Shocks and Struts

    SOLD I ran these for a few months then switched them out for CS adjustables. Hardly any miles considering my 3 mile work commute. Rears are even newer than the fronts since Koni replaced them under warranty. Asking $200 plus shipping or you can pick them up in Union City, CA.
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    Bay Area CA - $220 - FK Auto Projector Headlights

    New but installed. Did a test fit but never got around to fully installing them. Comes with everything you get in the box including the adapter/wiring. Asking $220 plus shipping. Or you can pick them up in Union City, CA.
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    ZPS Build Thread

    Just want to say I appreciate the clutch and flywheel info. In a few months I'm going to look into getting the 13lb Flyin Miata flywheel and an ACT HD street disc. Hoping it will be a happy medium between sluggishly revving stock and omg racecar. I had a similar setup on my B13 Sentra SE-R and...
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    *** Everyone with steering clunk - read this ***

    Sorry, the tilt. I'll correct the original post. Just another update while I'm here. Still no clunking.
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    *** Everyone with steering clunk - read this ***

    So, I decided to try something today, while I was installing some pedals. I noticed that the steering clunk seemed louder and more prominent when the steering wheel was tilted at certain angles. I also noticed that there was some white grease coming out of the tilting portion of the intermediate...
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    Corksport Coilovers

    A little late. I've been distracted by a headlight wiring issue. But here is that side shot with the isolators. Hope it helps.
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    Silver Build

    Old thread I know. And I'm not sure you even post anymore. Does anyone know how to wire these up? I found a deal and purchased them on a whim. Then I ran into the wiring problem. No idea what to do.