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    1993 Mazda RX-7 on BaT

    *Montego Blue...if you like that OK. *Touring, meh, OK *Tan interior, not generally desirable *Auto transmission, deal killer for most. Either the seller as sat on the car all these years instead of enjoying it...all the while paying for insurance and hopefully the occasional maintenance. Or...
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    What new Mazda is coming?

    Just a guess but I bet there were a few plant employees that were reported in terminally ill to work. My thoughts exactly about the nonsense youve been puking out on an otherwise interesting thread. Theres just no excuse for that.
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    What new Mazda is coming?

    ^Obviously someone wreaking of 'American-Privilege'. You've never bathed in the pool of identity politics for half-wits. I also think most cars designed by the Japanese and Koreans over those produced here or even in Europe. Hard to articulate, but their engineering approach tends toward...
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    Post The BEST Pictures OF YOUR MAZDA

    I don't think I've posted these here before....
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    RX7 with possible blown rotor

    Minimum spec is set out in the Factory Service Manuals. Downloadable versions available from a number of sources on-line. http://wright-here.net/cars/rx7/manuals.html#FSM Not unlike a piston engine, hard seals...apex and side, as well as other internal wear parts like oil control rings and...
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    Post The BEST Pictures OF YOUR MAZDA

    Yes I guessed it was an RC car. But.... lol.
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    Post The BEST Pictures OF YOUR MAZDA

    OK, I give up. What is the intended purpose of doing an Eiffel Tower chassis? And how much does that weigh?
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    New Mazdaspeeds? You Heard it Here First!

    The article specifies lightweight drive-train. That's good. 3300 lbs. is getting close to being plump IMO...even for 300 bhp (~ 255 whp)
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    looking at an FD

    In my experience parts are generally on par with any other 90's era Japanese sportscar. MAZDATRIX isn't a fair comparison IMO. They're as high or higher than a dealership on most things. Still, that's not entirely bad. While the FD was only imported for three years into North America (93-95), it...
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    Omaha/Council Bluffs, anyone alive?

    Nope....we're all as dead as this forum.
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    New rx7 owner no v8/no rotary *gasp*

    Uh...yeah. Like Chinese food, it's great if you like that kind of stuff. And I've defended engine swaps in other posts. The mods are apparently fine with it, but this is a sub-section of the MAZDA ROTARY FAMILY forum.
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    hello to everyone

    Hi Daniel, Welcome. Post a picture of your car and tell us a little about it. Any mods? How long have you had it? It's a daily huh. Seems like it'd be tough to get alot done on those since you can't take it off the road very long. Living north of you, I have forced down-time every winter for my...
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    Looking to buy a rx-7

    There are key reliability mods to the FD, chief among them are cooling. After that, they are no less reliable than most other FORCED INDUCTION, 19 year old cars out there. Owned mine for nearly a decade and have NEVER been left on the side of the road. The difference is buying one, doing all...