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Recent content by seawolf06

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    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ initial impressions

    Thanks for a very thorough review. These are the tires that I have been leaning towards, but your comments about the soft sidewalls and being twitchy at higher speeds has me nervous. Do you think this is a real issue or are you just trying to be picky?
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    Mazda6 Grand Touring Radio

    Is this because you don't have the commander knob? My knob moves that blue box.
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    Hitch For A Bike Rack

    Is this a better option than the ones that strap to the trunk?
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    High Mileage 2.5L skyactive

    I just bought a 2015 M6 GT with 62k miles for $16k plus ttl. Yeah, they'll be sitting on it for a while.
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    Lifting rear trunk lid spoiler ('14 Mazda6 GT)

    The proper way would be to remove the spoiler, remove all of the tape and residue from both surfaces, apply some 3M automotive bonding two sided tape or similar and reinstall the spoiler. It might be tricky to get it just right so I would have a body shop do it. Hopefully they wouldn't damage...
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    Tires for latest gen Mazda6

    I've liked the Continental DW and DWS on other cars. You're in SC so you likely wouldn't need the cold weather capability of the DWS.
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    2017 rated 35mpg on highway !!!

    Same situation here, but I'll have to check manually.
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    Post what you paid for your Mazda6

    2014 CPO Mazda6 GT w/ 62k miles for $16.3K +TTL Doesn't have adaptive cruise or regen braking. Purchased from local Chevy dealer and they did not know it was Certified just a couple months ago.