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    How did this guy get 70MPG?!

    Holy sh*t! 63mpg is crazy good. Must be using all the hypermilling techniques.
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    The PlastiDip Thread

    OOO I like it, it's a bit different and unique.
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    Dealer filled engine oil without draining

    Wow that dealership is really bad. Overfilling is worst than underfilling. What dealership was this so people don't go to them.
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    Should be getting a CX-5 tomorrow! New Mazda owner with a couple questions.

    Wow looking like lots of cx5 owners. It's a great car!
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    Bikingpro5 supercharged Protege5

    Oh nice! I didn't see it in your Mod list so I thought you didn't have it installed yet. How much power are you making?
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    Bikingpro5 supercharged Protege5

    Still no supercharger?
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    Service Manual

    NP Enjoy. PM me if you guys have any problems. I don't check in too often.
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    Car & Driver = +

    Wow looking good for the CX5. I may need to pick up a copy when it is available.
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    AEM FIC and BLITZ DC2 Turbo Timer

    What's the Part Number on the AEM F/IC?
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    Sudden MPG Drop (3i w/SkyActiv)

    Tell us what you get when you calculate miles driven/gallons pumped. You may have changes in gas quality, or temp changes that may affect how the computer calculates the mpg.
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    Service Manual

    Sorry about this, I reuploaded it for you guys! And I wouldn't upload a virus onto this. It's the original file, I have not done anything else to this. It's a pdf file... The site I was using is buggy so that's probably why you couldn't download the file or it gets corrupted.
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    cx 9 put in manual mode by mistake

    You should totally be fine with that. That's why you have a rev limiter. You should change out your fluids as suggested. But come on how can she not notice the engine revving like that for a whole mile.
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    Mz3, Ms3, and Mz6 Service Manuals for Download

    Updated the links
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    Mz3, Ms3, and Mz6 Service Manuals for Download

    Bump for new links... Why is this not stickied?
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    Get free parts from N9thRacing for liking them!

    Bump for free parts. Make sure you like the page and come back here and post that you liked. Can't wait for the next giveaway!