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    2007~2015 CX-9 Battery Charging Issue

    OK, if you have changed components and still have issues (assuming the new parts are actually good) then do as others have suggested and check the alternator output voltage. If that's not good, and the new parts are actually working, then you likely have a bad wire or connection somewhere. One...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Battery Charging Issue

    Perhaps it would be easier for you to stop by any of the local big chain stores like Advance, Autozone etc.... They will test the system with the tools on hand and give you an idea of what you're dealing with. It's free and no pressure.
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    Mazda intake valve cleaning service question

    What mileage do you have on the vehicle? Given you have a 2019 I suspect that they are trying the usual nonsense and up-selling you on a service that's not needed yet. Usually it takes over 40 to 50 thousand miles before this even becomes a consideration. Some vehicles go much longer without the...
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    Replacement options for blown 3.7L CX-9 engine?

    If you are buying from a salvage yard they should be able to do the cross-reference for you.
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    AC stopped working in front. Any ideas?

    Check the blower motor for power and ground with the system set at a high fan speed. It's located in the passenger foot well area and is relatively easy to access. If it's getting proper power and the ground is good then it's likely dead. To verify you can 'jump' the motor by attaching jumper...
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    2011 CX-9 P0195 / P0197 codes

    The booster is also part of an extended warranty 'recall'. You should check if your VIN qualifies and if you are still inside the year/mileage limit for the repair. I have a 2012 and mine was covered when I had it at the dealership last year. Thank God, it's an expensive repair if you're...
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    3.7L CX-9, oil leaking from front of engine?

    Are you sure it's oil and not coolant coming from the weep-hole in the water pump? If you have trouble finding the source try cleaning the area with brake cleaner and then check frequently for the leak. With a clean surface to check it should be more obvious as to the source of the leak.
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    2021 CX-9 Maintenance Question

    Mazda also said the PTU in the prior generation was lifetime. Check out those horror stories about how well that theory held up.
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    And so it ends

    When my car was totaled some years ago the amount I received was the market value and it was determined by listings at retail of similar models. Look around in that market and come up with representative examples and that should be your starting point with the insurance company. In addition...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Engine shot?

    In addition to checking the condition of the oil and the coolant you can have a lab analysis of the oil done. Blackstone labs is one of the outfits and a buddy of mine had his oil analysis done on his 2011 at 110K miles and all was good. I know oil analysis is not practical for a used car...
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    Changing CX-9 transfer case gear oil (photos)

    Yes one quart is actually more than you need, hopefully you'll get a lot of the old gunk out. It amazes me to this day how little fluid is in there.
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    1st gen CX-9 transmission protection?

    Then the OP should be informed as to the proper temperature to use when doing the final drain. Guessing based on a drive is not accurate either.
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    1st gen CX-9 transmission protection?

    There's more than just opening the small drain plug after a drive. The temperature of the transmission fluid plays a role. I believe it's supposed to be about 100 degrees Farenheit when the final drain is done. Then you let the fluid run until it's just a trickle and the level is set. To...
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    2016~2021 Parking brake getting stuck

    Are you saying the parking brake is overheating? The parking brake is inside the rotor and it's a small set of drum brakes used for the parking brake only. If that is hanging up it will overheat but wouldn't be visually obvious. If your regular brake pads and rotors are overheating then the...
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    Very disappointed with Mazda CPO warranty

    Forget the emails and call them, relentlessly. It stinks that you have to go this route but they have forced your hand in the matter. I would call every morning and afternoon until you reach someone with authority. Also, a snail mail letter addressed to the Office of the President at Mazda...