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    What could make the headlights "pulse" when braking?

    My '12 did this. I found out there is a service bulletin on the problem. Dealer reprogrammed the PCM and it fixed the problem. Don't know if it applies to the '13s as well. Ask your service department.
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    WTB: 17" OEM Alloys for '12 Mazda 3

    The original Bridgestone tires are getting noisier as they wear, apparently a common problem, and starting to bother me a lot. So I thought I would like to upsize to 17's while I'm at it. Don't care for the style of most of the aftermarket wheels available, but I'm okay with most of the OEM...
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    2013 Mazda 3 Headlights Blink when Brakes applied

    My dealer was aware of the TSB and reprogrammed the PCM. About $45 out the door, and most importantly, works. - Rick
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    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    I found my M3 to be M14x1.5. FWIW - Rick in NW Ohio
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    "Random" TPMS alerts

    As Studum says, these systems use the ABS sensors to determine wheel speed. Based on the idea that, all else being equal, an underinflated tire will roll at a different speed than one at proper pressure. Then, using computer algorithms, decide how large of a difference in speed over what...
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    Electric Cars Are Not the Answer To Air Pollution, Says Top UK Adviser

    Replying to the original post, the solution is obvious. Eliminate the UK government, the Royal College of Physicians, and the Friends of the Earth. Many problems solved...
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    Wiring Schematics

    They also have TSB's, and I found one I have been looking for. Thanks for the link!
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    Tesla Model 3

    Based on what I've seen so far, it looks like they are in love with gadgets and not so much on practicality. When they actually become available, I'll look closer.
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    Rodents Damaging Engine

    Mice here. Last round, they decided the sound absorber under the engine cover would make good nest material. I ripped what was left of the fabric off the cover backside, vacuumed several handfuls of nest, and taped up chewed coil wires. I wonder if vegetable oil is being used in the production...
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    Mazda 6 sales baffles me..what's wrong?

    IMO, Mazdas marketing strategy is lacking. 1) You can't order a car equipped the way you want, you have to pick from whatever Mazda decided to build. 2) "Packages" that make you pay for lots of stuff you absolutely hate to get one tiny thing you want. 3) I wanted a station wagon. Mazda decided...
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    Thule Roof Rack for 2012 M3 Hatchback - No Longer Available

    I thought someone would want this, but I haven't had so much as a nibble. So, last chance ... after the first of the year, I'm gonna cut it up for scrap. - Rick in NW Ohio
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    Thule Roof Rack for 2012 M3 Hatchback - No Longer Available

    Thule Roof Rack for 2012 M3 Hatchback For sale is roof rack for 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback. This is the sturdy square steel bar rack made by Thule with Mazda printed on it, everything except the 3M paint protector tape pieces. I've replaced it with something a bit more aerodynamic and want to...
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    Possible for vacuum leak to cause engine oil to be sucked into combustion chamber?

    On another angle, have you checked the oil return passages? If oil is building up in the head, not draining back to the crankcase fast enough, it will start going bad places.
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    Possible for vacuum leak to cause engine oil to be sucked into combustion chamber?

    Up until about the mid sixties, it was common for engines to just vent crankcase fumes to the outside world via a road draft tube. Then enviromentally conscious people and government agencies decided that was no longer acceptable, and engines began digesting their own fumes using intake...