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    Ugh. Sudden issues with almost new 2019 CX-5

    Definitely give the dealer the opportunity to make things right. This also creates a paper trail, which might be important later.
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    Ugh. Sudden issues with almost new 2019 CX-5

    Maybe your occasional gear-holding results from quick acceleration. This can activate AAS mode. From the owner's manual: "Active Adaptive Shift (AAS) automatically controls the transaxle shift points... The transaxle may switch to AAS mode when... depressing the accelerator pedal quickly while...
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    CX5 Unable to lock car after battery change

    Tip: Get a plastic set of trim removal tools. Less likely to scratch/damage, especially compared to prying with a screwdriver. Handy for many tasks. Inexpensive too:
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    2017~2021 Any bolt-in seat upgrades?

    I'm sitting on that tempurpedic cushion right now. Soft in the sense it easily conforms to my butt. But at freezing winter temperatures, in an outdoors car that foam is hard as a rock. Butt heat softens it, but that takes some time (about 10 - 15 minutes).
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    Anyone bought/used a Car Cover?

    Car covers are great -- for a clean car in garaged winter storage. I've also used a car cover to protect against tree sap/leaves and bird droppings when I had to park in a driveway with a big tree nearby. Otherwise, why would you want a car cover? Ironically, a car cover can actually harm the...
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    2017~2021 Trunk opening randomly

    Not so far-fetched. Plenty of inflatable car covers. Great protection for winter storage. But AFAIK, no one makes a faraday cage version.
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    2017~2021 Any bolt-in seat upgrades?

    1. Talk with an auto upholstery shop. Just make sure they're experienced & knowledgeable. And resist the urge to tell 'em what to do. That is, let 'em know your problems & concerns, then ask what they recommend. 2. Whether you add new foam or cut the existing foam, you'll have to get under...
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    2017~2021 Any bolt-in seat upgrades?

    I bet plenty of CX-5 owners would be interested to know if a CX-9 seat is a simple nuts-and-bolts swap. And although modifying the existing seats might seem like a better approach from a compatibility standpoint -- and much cheaper too -- there's definitely a learning curve. To get 'em just...
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    2017~2021 Any bolt-in seat upgrades?

    As mentioned above, you can modify your existing seat to better suit you. But first, live with your stock seats for a while. They might improve over time. Or not. You'll never know if you don't give 'em a chance.
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    2017~2021 Any bolt-in seat upgrades?

    Changing seats can be far more complicated than you might think. 1. Seats are an integral part of a car's safety systems. If your car doesn't fully recognize a replacement seat, in an accident maybe the seat belt pretensioner won't fire or an airbag won't deploy. 2. You don't want to give...
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    2017~2021 Trunk opening randomly

    On my '09 Corvette, I had great success with a silicone rubber protective fob cover. Like this one from TheJacketStore: Custom fit, secure grip, nice cushion. And a bright color is less likely to be misplaced. Full coverage might be more effective: And a different color for different fobs...
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