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Recent content by rednecks_r_us

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    morning wood

    4 years later and it's still funny
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    www.azmazdaclub.com is pretty active for the local Mazdas.
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    Replace Coil Packs?

    Did that this morning. $103 later and they should be in this afternoon. Hope that solves the problem.
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    Replace Coil Packs?

    I threw a CEL and it read random misfires. I was told it might be the MAF that has gone bad. I was wondering if it's the coil packs. Does anybody have a part number for the coil packs on an 03 P5? I really don't want to have to drop $250 on a MAF if its the coils that are bad.
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    morning wood

    I got this years ago in an email and still crack up every time I read it. Copy it and email it to your friends. Its even better when you can watch a co worker read it at work and they can't stop laughing.
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    morning wood

    LOL that's funny
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    morning wood

    Thread revival
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    FS-DE Oil System

    That is exactly what my car does.
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    Aftermarket fog light discussion thread

    Thread revive. LOL I need new fogs. Set 4 are destroyed
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    MazdaUSA.com finally gives attention to the long lost MSP!

    Congratulations Michele! That is totally awesome. Way to represent the Proteges.
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    Solution To Flickering Fan Speed 2 or 3 A/C

    I had the same problem. Every place I read said I had to replace the entire HVAC controlls. So I just dealt with having AC by feathering the switch someplace between 3 & 4. After 2 years of juggling this dilema I took everything apart and tried cleaning the switch. Long story short the switch...
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    A/C only works in position 1 & 4

    My AC light will come on at 2 & 3 but the fan only works on 1 & 4. If I toggle the fan between 3 & 4 I can get the AC to come on with the fan. So basically I have one AC fan speed and that is 3.5.
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    AZMC Temp Chat

    That and that I was told I was nothing but a trouble maker on AZMC. I just got the feeling I wasn't welcome there any more. So I have no reason to beat a dead horse if I'm not welcome there.
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    Whats there to do?

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    AZ Babble Thread

    No interuption. All are welcome here. The other place the locals hang out is The Arizona Mazda Club www.azmazdaclub.com Tell 'em the redneck sent ya.